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Val Vincent

on 25 September 2014

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Transcript of iNutrition-MyPlate

What is MyPlate?
The USDA's new
food icon

The MyPlate icon is a departure from the traditional MyPyramid and serves as a quick, simple reminder for nutrition to all consumers.
MyPlate offers a visual reminder to make healthy food choices when you choose your next meal.
The MyPlate icon is built off of the 2010 Dietary Guidelines for
all Americans
For more information on

Connect My Louisiana:


is an interactive tool
Switch to low-
fat or fat-free
dairy products.
Choose lean protein
Make half your
grains whole
Make half your plate
fruits and vegetables.
Cut back on your salt
and sodium intake.
Provides advice for making food
choices that promote good health and
a healthy weight and help prevent
disease for healthy Americans
ages 2 and over.
Eat red, orange and dark green vegetables, such as tomatoes, sweet potatoes and broccoli, in main and side dishes.
Eat fruit, vegetables or unsalted nuts as snacks.

They are nature’s original fast foods.
Choose 100% whole-grain
cereals, breads, crackers,
rice and pasta.
Check the ingredients
list on food packages to
find whole-grain foods.
Eat beans, which are a
natural source of fiber
and protein.
They have the same
amount of calcium
and other essential
nutrients as whole
milk but less fat and
Try calcium-fortified
soy products as an
alternative to dairy foods.
Twice a week, make
seafood the protein on
your plate.
Keep meat and poultry
portions small and lean.
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