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Man vs. Self & Man vs. Nature

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James Henriquez

on 30 March 2015

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Transcript of Man vs. Self & Man vs. Nature

Man vs. Self & Man vs. Nature
An example of Man vs. Self is that your deciding on somthing but you can't figure out what to decided. Like what flavor of ice cream you would prefer at the moment.
Pharaphrase Of Man vs. Self
A paraphrase of the defenition Man vs. Self is that it is when a character is going through a crisis with themselves. This can happen with other types of conflict like Man vs. Nature.
Definition Of Man vs. Self
The Definition of Man vs. Self is when a character is
struggling with themselves on the inside. This type of
conflict can occur with other conflicts as well.
Definition of Man vs. Nature
With "man against self" conflict, the struggle is internal.This is a conflict that is usually associated with an external conflict. A character must overcome his own nature or make a choice between two or more paths - good and evil; logic and emotion.
Paraphrase of Man vs. Nature
Anytime a
character struggles with a moral dilemma or decision we see this at work.
A paraphrase of Man vs. Nature is that a character is having trouble with
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