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Maker Spaces - Kid Style!

No description

Rita Dunn

on 1 August 2014

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Transcript of Maker Spaces - Kid Style!

Maker Spaces - Kid Style!
Little Discoverers
It's time to tinker, design and create together with your young child! Explore new materials, tools and processes as you make a project to take home. Creativity can get messy, so make sure to dress your little discoverer in old clothing that can be splattered with things like paint, ink and glue. For families with children ages 0-6.
Junior Discoverers
What Do the Discoverers Programs Look Like?
Hands-on exploration in science, engineering, art and much more! Discover new materials, tools and processes as you make a project to take home. For ages 6 and older.
Where it all began...
ALA 2012 Anaheim
Science in the stacks, Teen Zones, Sit and Stitch

ALA 2013 Chicago!
Chicago Children's Museum - Tinkering Lab
Queen's Library Discover Center
Chicago Public Library

Maker Spaces for kids, teens and adults in your library!

Little Discoverers and Junior Discoverers is born at

What makes this program NOT a drop in craft program?


Putting it down on paper!

Take Home Activity
What might I want to buy?
What happens?
Sign in table with brochure explaining the program
Stations throughout storyhour room (most of the time)
teen volunteer
whatever they want to happen!
Parent interaction a must!

More blocks please!
More storage please!
Space designated and open ALL OF THE TIME!
If you can imagine it you can make it!

Be productive! Be Creative!

Everyone is a maker and our world is what we make it!

Tinkering: Kids Learn by Making Stuff by Curt Gabrielson
Janice VanCleave's Play and Find Out books

Use Pinterest!

Get The Word Out
Teen Zone
Things to consider
What Items to Include
What's in a name?
Science in the Stacks
Discovery Time for Kids
Science Discovery
Junior Discoverers
Maker Spaces
Kid Style!
Rita Dunn
Branch Manager
MADL - North Muskegon Walker

Monica Walen
Youth Librarian
KDL - Wyoming
What Each Week Includes
Large Project
Side Activities
Instructions and Education
Books and Resources
Marble Madness!
- Simple Materials
- Many Options for Building
- Science and Engineering
- Unexpected Sibling Competition....
Skeleton Hands
"This is the creepiest thing my son has ever made."
Exploding Soap
Build a Volcano
Shrieking Balloons
Side Activities
Craft materials
Science materials
"No wait don't throw that out I need it for work" materials
Social Media!
In-house advertizing!
Keep the schools updated!
Rope your storytime parents into coming!
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