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The relationship between doctor and patient.....or..the machines and patients.

Jasmin Smith

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of MEDICAL MEDIA

Importance of patient and doctor relationship MEDICAL MEDIA MEDICAL
TECHNOLOGY 1943- William Kollf builds first dialysis machine Before 21st Century Dialysis Machine After 4 ASPECTS OF DIAGNOSIS: 1. LOOKING 2. ASKING 3. LISTENING 4. FEELING 1. LOOKING FORGOTTEN?? OR REPLACED?? By machinery being so advanced it is able to perform all of the necessary tasks to be performed by doctors. How has medical technology changed with the world's advancements? Important?? Failure of medicalsystems can result in negative effects that would be injury or death of a patient and can have serious legal implications. Relationships Patient & Doctor??? OR....... Patient & Machine???
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