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Narrative Writing

Teaching students how to begin with a BANG!

Ileana Diaz

on 3 September 2013

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Transcript of Narrative Writing

Dialogue & Sound
Begin with a BANG
Narrative Writing
Ms. Diaz
Beginning with a BANG
Action - main character is doing something
Dialogue - main character is saying something
Thought/Question - main character is thinking or asking something
Sound - main character hears something
Sound & Action
Action & Dialogue
SMMASH! A sudden crash resounded from somewhere
upstairs. “Hello,” I called as I stepped over the threshold. “HELLO…Hello…Hello” the sound of my own voice echoed across the vast emptiness. Chills ran down my spine as fear enveloped me.
“Who is there?” I ask through quivering teeth. Creeaakkk! The floorboards above reverberated as if someone was around in the master’s quarters.

ROOOOAAAARRRRR! Cheered the crowd up above as flashes of color sped by. The burnt odor of rubber reached into the stands and smoke rose into the air. Vroom, VROOOOOOM, another sped by…100-150-200mph. With each lap completed a different color flag is dropped. Excitement filled the air with anticipation of who would cross the checkered flag first.

Terrettettteeeerrrr! My teeth were chattering louder than a bullhorn as I anxiously awaited my turn. Why me? I thought to myself. My nerves were shot as I wrung my cold sweaty palms and squirmed in my seat. The sour smell of disinfectant irritated my nostrils. The thought of a lollipop at the end of this ordeal was no comfort when considering that a sharp object would soon be penetrating my skin.
“Get your souvenirs here!” the peddlers chanted throughout the arena as we hurried to our seats. Front row! WOW! Swish, swoosh! The sound of blades on the frozen surface reached my ears in a flash. I could almost taste the shaved ice mixed with the buttery scent of popcorn “M..I..C…C you real soon, K..E..Y, Y? because we love you.” the crowd started to cheer as the skaters sang the to the old club tune.
"I'm five years old, it's getting cold..." the voice spread like wildfire through the speakers. CHEERRRRR! The crowd went wild as the band played and the music soared throughout the stands. Girls of all ages singing along to the lyrics that have long been engraved in their minds. Click, Click, Click! Lights flickered throughout the darkness as cameras were being put to use. Suddenly, from somewhere in the crowd, she appeared.
"Set the blanket in a shady spot honey," my mom asked. I quickly stretched out our red and white checkered blanket to cover a broad space. Placing the wicker basket full of treats in the center, my brother and I went to throw the Frisbee around. MMMmmmm the smell of fried chicken and barbeque sauce suddenly reached my nose, so I made a beeline to the blanket. "Oh No.....what is that crawling into the basket?" I shouted as I pointed down.

PRRRRBRRRR! The sound of the propellers were like a rhythmic lullaby as the boat crossed the Hudson Bay. Her torch stood high above calling to me; offering me refuge along with so many others. With a brightly shining sun, blue horizon, and white puffy clouds as her backdrop, I was sure that I had never seen such an awesome sight.
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