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The Golden Ratio!!

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Rosie Bensley

on 13 September 2012

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Transcript of The Golden Ratio!!

Advertising and the pyramids The Golden Ratio!! The Golden Ratio - Explanation!!! The golden ratio is an infinite number, similar to pi. This number, also known as the divine proportion, the golden mean and the golden proportion, is the ratio between two quantities. Some people say that things that contain this divine number are more attractive to the eye. This number appears everywhere throughout nature. In the spiral of shells, the skin of pineapples, the seed heads of flowers like daisies, the face of a tiger and the shape of the universe. Even your teeth include this infinite number! People shorten this number in equations to phi - 1.618 The Golden Ratio - The Pyramids!!!
The great pyramid has a cross-section in the form of a triangle. People call this triangle the Egyptian triangle. The Egyptian triangle is also referred to as the triangle of price and the Kepler triangle. This triangle is said to contain the golden triangle (a form of the golden ratio).This ratio is found by dividing the slant height by half the base. The golden triangle is found by following this equation -
The ratio of the slant height a to half the base b is said to be the golden ratio.Slant Height = 186.369 and base = 230.363 m186.369 ÷ 115.182 = 1.61804 Golden Ratio in Advertising!!!
The golden ratio is used infinitely in advertising. Since it is said to be most appealing to the eye, many advertising companies use it. An example of this ratio in advertising is plastic bottle labels used in soft drinks. The label fits in the exact proportions of the ratio – 1 to 0.618. If you measure a credit card, then you will find that it is the perfect golden rectangle. The length divided by the width creates the golden number! Even Kit Kat’s 4 wafer pack contains the golden rectangle! Like the credit cards, this rectangle is found by dividing length by width. Many logos contain the golden number. National Geographic’s yellow rectangle has the exact dimension of the golden rectangle. Apple’s logo and most of its products also contain the golden ratio. The logo for their new software – OSX lion – contains the proportion the golden ratio on the sides – 1.618 – 1. This logo also contains the golden spiral – a spiral created by getting a golden rectangle and cutting a square through it and doing this for the remaining rectangles. The Pepsi logo is basically made of 2 circles. The width of these circles divided by each other results in the golden number! More Advertising!! From what I have researched, I believe that the egyptians did know about the golden ratio, though they did not know the full extent of how and where it is used. I think that they knew it was most pleasing to the eye, so they used it in the design of the pyramids. The facts that support this include that the ratio used in the pyramid was almost exactly 1.618. It is practically impossible that this could be a coincidence! Also, since they were an ancient culture, they may not have had the tools and reasorces to find this out!!! Reflection!!! Thankyou!!! 2 Symbols for Phi!
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