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Parts Of A SmartPhone

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Jye Waters

on 2 December 2014

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Transcript of Parts Of A SmartPhone

Internal Storage

Parts Of a

Mother/Circuit Board
Power Supply


The Samsung Galaxy S4 has it's own internal space to store data, but an additional Micro SD card can be added to increase data storage space for the device, for apps, music, videos and photos.
The S4 doesn't have a power supply, as the phone uses a
circuit board to send power to everything, straight from the battery, or from an external power source; such as a charger.
The S4 only has external ports, at the bottom of the device is a port for charging and file movement onto a computer, and at the top of the device is a 3.5mm headphone jack reciever, to play sounds in full stereo quality
The RAM on the S4 is not visible on the device, as it is hidden by the case and the circuit board of the device. The S4 however does have 2GB of ram in hardware, but around 700MB of ram is constantly used up by the OS it's self, (Android)
Unlike a computer, cases on the S4 and many SmartPhones are not at al essential, however some cases do offer addition protection such as waterproofing, dust proofing and shock proofing. However Some cases are just for aesthetic looks.
The S4 uses a processor called the Qualcomm Snapdragon which runs at 1.9GHz standard clock.

The CPU or Processor is basically the brain of the computer, and what it does is calculate basic equations and executes codes so your device can run certain programs, at higher speeds with better abilities.
The motherboard in a computer generally joins all of the seprate parts of a computer together so they all function as one. However in a circuit board like this, most essential parts of the S4 are already soldered to the circuit board prior to release. This circuit board also acts as a PSU from the battery pack.
The S4 uses the PowerVR SGX544MP3 as a GPU, which is attatched to its ciruit board. This is a fairly basic GPU that can only play mobile games at certain resolutions and quality.
The GPU is a device that can render 2D or 3D images out of binary code which is then sent to to screen or monitor of the device, though the use of pixels, which is the resolution for the given screen/monitor
The Monitor displays given actions sent from the GPU or motherboard, these displays are then displayed on a monitor or screen, in pixels
The S4 has a touchscreen monitor/screen that is powered by the device's internal battery pack. This screen can display all of the needs the OS tells it to.
Operating System
The operating system is used to provide a readable, and easy to understand interface for the user or a GUI, as well as to run applications , and allowing the hardware of the computer to properly communicate with the rest of the PC
The S4 uses Android as its OS or Operating System, this is a mobile operating system that is generally used on HTC, Samsung and Google mobile devices, as well as others. Apple Devices do not run android, as they run iOS which is apple's own OS for mobile devices.
RAM stands for Random Access Memory, this memory is used to store current open applications and proccesses, this memory is and can be written, deleted and re-written very quickly.
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