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Confessions of a Murder Suspect

No description

Fred Clark

on 6 January 2013

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Transcript of Confessions of a Murder Suspect

The Theme: expect the unexpected. This is the theme because Tandy never expected that her parents would kill themselves. The moral would most likely be never take anyone for granted, because they may be here one minute and gone the next. I learned the moral because I do take my parents for granted.

Review: I thought this was a very good book because this talks about real life things that happen all of the time. I would recommend this book to others because they should learn to not take things for granted. Information Secondary Characters Plot Main Character and Facts The Main Character is Tandoori Angel Book Report Malcolm Angel:

Malcolm is a very rich man and is father to Tandy and her brothers. He is about six feet tall and is married to Maud Angel. Not much is known about him because he is dead from the very start of the book. Exposition: The story begins when Tandy is awoken by their doorman and is told the police were there. All of the characters are introduced as they are coming into the room to be interrogated.

Conflicts: The internal conflict is Tandy is unsure if she has killed her parents or not. The external conflict is finding out who killed Malcolm and Maud.

Rising Action: 1. Tandy and her younger brothers are kicked out of school.
2. Tandy finds that her father was cheating on her mother with Mathews girlfriend.
3. Samantha's secret was discovered about her and Tandy's mother.
4. The children are put into prison for being murder suspects.
5. Tandy found out that her neighbor had planted hidden cameras all through their apartment. Then Hugo climbes out onto the window ledge and breaks into the neighbors apartment. Setting: By Fred Clark Title: Confessions of a Murder Suspect

Author: James Patterson and Maxine Paetro

Genre: Mystery

# of Pages: 372(Paperback), 545(E-Reader)

Publisher: Little, Brown and Company

Date Published: 1 September 2012 Tandoori is a girl that is about 16 years old and is not a typical, everyday girl you would see walking in the street. She is usually dressed in a black shirt, jacket, slacks, belt, and shoes, but occasionally dressed in a pretty dress to go to important events. She looks older than she really is and is mistaken by that everytime she goes out. Tandoori is a very polite young woman and almost always never curses. She speaks a few languages, including English, Spanish, and French. She will never go against her parents wishes and is forced to step up and take control of the family. She also recommends that everyone calls her "Tandy." Tandy is polite toward others and is not polite when she is forced to. One of her younger brothers was in trouble at school and she almost hit the child that was causing the problem. She always does what she is told, but not without putting in her "two cents." She always fends for her brothers in the rough times, but her parents are another story. Tandy thinks about all the things that she has done in her lifetime, and thinks of how she could have changed the situation. She wonders why someone would want to kill her parents. She also fights herself to make sure that she did not kill her parents and none of her family did either. Maud Angel:

Maud is a filthy rich woman and is mother to Tandy. She is about five feet ten inches tall and is married to Malcolm Angel. Not much about her is known because, just like Malcolm, she is dead from the very start of the book. Sergeant Capricorn Caputo:

The sergeant is the police officer that is running the Angel case. He is also about six feet tall and is very mascular and tough man. He is not the most polite nor does he have the biggest sense of humor either. He always wears his police attire and is one of the Angels' biggest supporters. Mathew Angel:

Matt is a a professional football star and is a very muscular man. He is one of Tandy's brothers. He is usually always in a suit and tie and is a very good looking guy. He is also a not so good supporter to the family. Hugo Angel:

Hugo is a very strong and athletic young boy. He is the youngest brother of Tandy and also has the loudest mouth. He is almost always wearing his Giants pajamas. He is of a great use and a great pain come later in the story. Harry Angel:

Harry is the twin brother of Tandy. He is a boy that is not all the way matured and is still scared of a lot of things. He is always wearing his painters pants and a sweatshirt. He wishes to be a lot like his brother one day. Samantha Peck:

Sam is the house assistant and has gone through a lot while being with the Angels. She is the main caretaker of the children and helps them through the whole process of the trial. She is still with them because she had a secret relationship with Maud Angel and wants to make sure the children will be well after the whole situation is over. Climax: After Hugo cimbes into the neighbors apartment, he finds a video showing what happened in the bedroom.

Falling Action: The children let sharks go from their fish table and live normal lives.

Resolution: The killers of the parents were themselves. The story takes place in New York City and it is in this year. The whole story happens within a month, jumping from the Dakota, their hotel, to places all around New York, while it is mainly always winter.
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