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The Renaissance: Pastries and Their History

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Lauren Gonzales

on 26 March 2013

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Transcript of The Renaissance: Pastries and Their History

The Renaissance:
Pastries and Their History The French Cream Puff The cream puff originated in thirteenth century France. The original pastries were filled with rich cheese mixtures instead of cream fillings The dough portion is made of flour, milk, eggs, and salt. The modern fillings are made of made of flour, sugar, salt, milk, eggs and whichever type of flavoring, vanilla extract for example. The English Apple Tart The pastry or dough portion wasn't meant to be eaten, because it didn't taste good. Sugar was expensive and scare. Apple tart is mainly made of apples, flour, sugar, salt, butter, milk and eggs. German Coffee Cake Coffee cake evolved from the French galette, to the medieval fruit cake, to Danish sweet bread. The first coffee cake had a more bread-like texture than a cake-like one. Coffee cake was originally make out of yeast, flour, eggs and sugar; modern coffee cake is made without yeast, replacing it with eggs. Coffee cake doesn't have actual coffee in it. The tart was created at the very end of Medieval times, and wasn't popular until the Renaissance. Apples are believed to balance out our humors, which are four substances in our body that we need in order to be healthy. Apples balance out the phlegm and melancholy humors. Thank you for watching! Making the Cream Puffs To make the cream puffs, I used the some of the original dough ingredients, but them in the modern style.

I made the dough in the stove with boiling water and butter, adding flour and salt.

Once the dough was a ball, I placed it into a large mixing bowl and slowly adding the eggs, mixing well after each. I took dough by the tablespoons and placed on a greased baking sheet.

After baking for 20 minutes, they were ready to be taken out and filled with vanilla filling.

The vanilla filling was just cream, milk, and vanilla instant pudding mixed together and placed in the refrigerator for an hour. Making the Apple Tart To make the apple tart I put flour, sugar and salt in a mixer and added cubed butter slowly until the butter reduced to the size of peas.

I poured ice and water in the mixture very slowly, until the mixture started to form dough. I dumped it onto a floured board and kneaded into a ball; I placed into the refrigerator and waited for an hour.

I rolled the dough out and and placed peeled and sliced granny smith apples diagonnally on the dough. I poured a generous amount of sugar on the pastry and added diced butter on top. I let the pastry bake for approximately an hour.

I heated apricot jelly and water together in a small pot and brushed this glaze over top the warm apple tart. Making the Coffee Cake Coffee cake topping is a mixture of brown sugar, flour, butter and cinnamon.

After mixing these ingredients together, I placed flour, baking powder and salt into a bowl. I beat together an egg, sugar and some melted butter.

I added milk and vanilla before finally putting the flour mixture in with it and stirring well.

Pouring the mixture into a pan, I was careful to grease it first.

I sprinkled the topping mixture and baking for 25 minutes
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