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New materials

No description

Victor Gonzalez

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of New materials

Fashion industry Smart "Light" Fabrics Victor - Grecia Chromoactive Materials Can be classified in thermochromic, photochromoc and electrochromic. Photochromic Materials that change color when exposed to sun light and UV rays. Thermochromic Electrochromic bibliography http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_wvOP-LL1T-g/Sfa_EeKL8uI/AAAAAAAAAV0/PYD2Blt1rmY/s400/transistor-electrocromico.jpg http://www.inteligentes.org/index_MI_cuales_son.htm http://www.inteligentes.org/blog/?page_id=70 http://www.crunchwear.com/studio-5050-embrace-me-hoodie/ http://www.conexionmoda.com/site/news/391/ http://www.delsol.com/store/Women___Adult_Tees___Crew_T___Color_Changing_Women_s_Top__Floral_Wrap_Crew_T___4848_FWPN HearWear is a concept created by Younghui Kim and Milena Iossifova, uses the sound/noise level of the environment to create active color patterns on clothing or bags.
http://www.crunchwear.com/hearwear-sound-activated-textiles/ examples Are materials that change their color to changes in temperature, light or pressure. Intelligent
materials Materials that can change
through external stimulus Amongst others moisture shape memory Stress temperature Shape Memory Materials Materials that return to their original shape by applying heat. New fabrics are being developed that can react
to users temperature, time of day, actions,etc. Materials that change
color when exposed
to changes in temperature. http://www.aklint.com/images/catalog/ky_2010.jpg When exposed to a change in electric current they change colors. www.crunchwear.com www.delsol.com
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