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KindleTV IPTV Channel Builder

No description

on 28 February 2016

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Transcript of KindleTV IPTV Channel Builder


The future of Digital/Connected TV is here. KindleTV's goal is to own a piece of the new IPTV frontier by giving brands entertaining content channels to interact with consumers at home.

KindleTV will provide brands with tools, technology and creative talent to create content experiences on IPTV channels, and reach new and existing customers wherever they are.

What We Are
KindleTV is a
21st Century film studio with digital interactive technologies.
We create branded programming, preferred shopping destinations, exceptional guest-consumer experiences, and new revenue streams for our clients. Our mission is to go beyond advertising as we know it, and guide our clients into new realms of possibility by telling their brand story across mulitple platforms that allow user-interaction.
How we intend to launch & grow
An initial partnership with an international top online retailer, combined with a team with over 25 years of experience and success in production and technology gives Kindle TV the experience it needs to scale to its 5 year goal of a $50 million+ in revenue
Creating branded, interactive video content & IPTV channels
KindleTV clients are brands, online portals and services that want to add video content to:
increase user-engagement
develop new lines of revenue
create interactive purchasing via mobile and IPTV channels and apps
Solidify brand image & effectiveness
IPTV The New Frontier
Comparative Successes
Business Model
1. who are the top 3 competitors (does not have to be a company, could be a market, for instance - see book for clarifying)?
2. what companies that don't compete now, may do so later?

Product: beta partner secured, site buildout to accomodate video (in progress), production scheduled, go live date end of Q1
Team solidified, licensing secured and technology tested
25+ years of production experience in film, commercials, infomercials, news and reality TV
eMarketer estimates nearly 53 million homes will have smart TV's by 2016. Forbes doubles that number at 87 million by the end of 2013. Add to that AppleTV, Roku and Google Chrome homes and that number tops 150 million homes by the end of 2014
dvcreators, a resource and blog for digital filmmaker projects, did a study showing internet video to TV screen grew nearly 1000% in 2012
a cable, satellite and broadcast network specialized in home shopping
first full year of fiscal sales reached $112 million
QVC broadcasts worldwide to 290 million homes, and generated $8.5 billion in sales in 2013.
22% came from mobile platforms in 2012
Launched in 2010, The Blaze is a libertarian conservative news, information, and entertainment television network (and affiliated properties) founded by talk radio personality Glenn Beck. Available primarily through internet streaming on its website or its iOS app. It is available on the Dish Network and on the Roku Device. The audio stream is available on iHeartRadio and on TheBlaze app. In the future, the network may expand beyond their original news and talk show format.
Averaging 20 million unique visitors/month and 153 million page views.
Blaze TV cleared over $40 million in revenues in 2012. Adding cable and roku subscriptions and his radio show brings revenues to well over $100 million for Beck and his staff of 30 people.
KindleTV Management & Advisory Team
We have gathered an outstanding team of industry experts to insure the success of all new client ventures.

Hires in years 1 - 3 will include in-house tech & client support and ad sales reps that will focus on filling the newly created broadcast inventory
KindleTV Founder/CEO
Kevin McCafferty
Kevin is an entrepreneur with an extensive broadcast and media background who brings more than 30 years experience in the independent film and television production industry. Having produced scores of documentaries, DVD special features, films, television shows, music videos, commercials and promos, McCafferty‟s vision and leadership, comprehensive knowledge of current and emergent media technologies, and expertise as a producer have all provided groundwork for KindleTV

Kevin started at the forefront of the cable industry in 1980 with CNN Atlanta developing innovative programming with emphasis on live broastcasting - the 24 hour news division, and the entertainment and business divisions. He also worked with 20th Century Fox’s expansion into prime time syndication with ground breaking shows
A Current Affair, The Reporters
, and
Fox Files
. This type of programming innovation led to rebranding the morning news program
Good Day New York
for Fox television station WNYW, an immediate success that has since been franchised to Fox stations throughout the USA.

In 1988, McCafferty formed Mobile Video Productions where he successfully navigated the company to be a leader in the independent production industry. As CEO of Kindle
Creative, McCafferty is responsible for the overall strategic direction of the company,
including assembling and managing a team of highly-recognized professionals
committed to providing a fully-integrated turn-key product targeting the
growing independent production industry.

Tim Piper & Daniel Rosenberg of Piro
KindleTV Technology Partner
High Speed Video
KindleTV Technology Partner
Andrew Mininger
thas been employed since 2005 as Chief Executive Officer of The Madison Park Company, a full service marketing firm focused on the technology, media, consumer goods and health/wellness sectors. Since 2007 Mr. Mininger has also been employed as Chief Executive Officer of Mada Design, a New York based graphic design firm with packaging, publishing, illustration, 2D animation and licensing expertise.

He is an expert in understanding, translating and creating messages and the delivery of those messages both internally and to broader consumer markets. Andrew has worked closely with the investment community developing content and platforms to support the launch of 35 companies in the IPO and self-listing marketplace, and he provides thought leadership in the creative space.

In the late 1990s his firm aided in launching 20 plus organizations into the
IPO market; often working with executive management of each
organization and coaching them during crucial investment
community and capital investment raise activities.

KindleTV Sales & Marketing
Julie Moses
brings to the KindleTV team 10 years in digital advertising and
technology and 15 years of work in film, TV and theater production. She
was most recently Eastern Region Sales manager for Extreme Reach, an
enterprise sales role in video ad technology and analytics. Prior to that Julie
served as Senior Vice President National Advertising Sales & Publisher
Development at Broadcast Interactive Media (BIM), building the BIMLocal Ad
Network from 130 sites to over 3000, which eventually ranked #1 on the
Comscore News & Information list.

Earlier in her career, Julie was an actress, writer, director and producer of
theater and film. She worked as a Producer on The John Walsh Show on NBC,
starred in two feature films for which was a writer and associate producer:

Blue Skies Are a Lie
(Top 10 film at Vancouver International Film Festival)
Getting To Know You
(Sundance Film Festival and theatrical release).
puts some of the most talented story tellers in entertainment together with some of the most awarded advertising creatives to create entertainment for brands.
Tim Piper
is one of advertising’s top commercial writer/directors. He has won every major advertising award including several Best of Shows (including the Cannes Grand Prix) and a Best of the Decade (The One Show) for digital film.

Tim has written and directed several longer format branded films that have gone viral, including Dove Evolution, Onslaught and Becel Broken Escalator. As a result of his advertising work, Tim was listed by Time Magazine as one of the most influential people on the planet.
Daniel Rosenberg
is a writer and producer of major motion pictures and television. Among Daniel’s film credits is “Inside Man” a film he solely developed from a two sentence idea into one of the highest-grossing and celebrated films in 2006. It was eventually recognized by the American Film Institute as one of the Top 10 Films of the Year.

He has written and/or Executive Produced TV pilots at every major US Network as well as many cable networks.

As a producer and former studio executive, Daniel has collaborated with
some of the greatest actors of our era including Denzel
Washington, Julia Roberts, Robert DeNiro, Steve Martin, Al
Pacino, Kevin Bacon and Jodie Foster

utilizes a patented, highly available service platform to create disruptive desktop telepresence and video conferencing solutions which will provide KindleTV clients with interactive purchasing and bidding capabilities during live or taped video streaming on internet, mobile and IPTV mediums.

HSV has been serving small and large enterprises since 1997, and continues to remain the most powerful, yet affordable alternative to forklift video communications solutions requiring high capital expenditures and proprietary hardware.

The breakthrough, enterprise grade video technology has been nominated
for a Sports Emmy award by the NFL. They power MLB.TV currently
the most successful IP channel existing with 8 million monthly
unique visitors and over 500 million in annual revenue.

Andrew Mininger, The Madison Park Company++
Julie Moses, EVP Sales & Marketing


KindleTV Offering
Live, taped & interactive video content creation, delivered on IPTV
Branded content to create new revenue
streams and greater customer engagement: reach customers wherever they are.
High-speed, interactive streaming
and "click to buy" capabilities
Creates a dynamic, 3 dimensional buyer experience with customer interaction during 'live' presentations with brand ambassadors
App development & IPTV channel
Provides turn-key broadcast-ready programming and simplified device integration
3-D video technology enhancing
Gives brands 'stop-in-your-tracks', high-impact
marketing in new spaces and environments

Initial client acquisition will come from efforts by the Executive Sales Management team with a direct sell to brands & online retailers and services.

KindleTV will create a website which will have case studies from our initial clients, and will look to attend or speak at trade shows attended by brand marketing executives, like the ANA or 4 A's conferences
KindleTV will collaborate promotional efforts directly with client marketing team to help guide and ensure most effective launch of new video channels
As first client launch and initial results are in, KindleTV will hire a PR firm to create media buzz with articles in publications like WSJ, NY Times, Forbes, Advertising Age, eMarketer, Mediapost and other digital industry sites and blogs.

Video content channel does not get the
traffic needed to create ROI for the client
Kindle will offer various 3rd-party social media solutions as part of initial launch strategies as well as marketing best practices to advertise the brand's new venture.
Customers participating in live auctions
do not have the bandwidth to seamlessly
stream and bid in real-time

Research and development budget will be created with these roadblocks in mind, so we will be prepared to manage and accomodate any needed work-arounds and integrations.
Provide a free "test your internet speed" link on client site and alert users to this potential issue while they are signing on/up.
The smartTV "new frontier" of new apps and
channels is so new that there may be
unforseen technical challenges with various
device systems and/or industry standardization
Success Metrics
4 - 7
8 - 12
Create new US Marshall video auction channel on ebay
Schedule auction & production
test video and bidding system on new ebay page
Create marketing/ad plan for auction airing
set designed, crew hired, talent scheduled
HSV & Ebay satified with streaming & bidding tests
based on ebay data & successes, prospect new clients, increase ebay channels/auctions
measure revenue generation from past auctions against this video launch
QVC-style programming promoting services and products
Brand TV series & film (ex: Chipote, Red Bull)
Music and comedy
News, Documentaries and Reality
New streaming and interactive technologies now allow real-time access to video everywhere. Combine that with
the move for many brands to move marketing in-house, and branded programming on IPTV holds a bright future for companies that understand the enormous potential and ability to out-perform competitors.
“Of the three segments in the U.S. pay-TV market, the IPTV sector is enjoying growth, especially in urban areas where it is luring subscribers away from satellite,” said Erik Brannon, analyst for U.S. television at IHS.
"Traditional agencies are being disintermediated as marketers increasingly turn inward for services, according to a new survey by the ANA (Association of National Advertisers). Fifty-eight percent of marketers currently utilize in-house agencies – a 16 percentage point increase from 2008."
pre-auction registration numbers
compare auction revenues to non-video auction revenues
Build out new programming, and develop app and IPTV channels for ebay
collaborate with ebay marketing team to create new programming.
work with 3rd party social networks to get message out
Launch new programming and track viewership
track social network activity and traffic back to ebay site
Go-live within six months of partnership
Revenue Stream
How it works
Production cost
Cost to be funded
by host brand IP Channel
QVC & BlazeTV
Channel Advertising
As programs are created
advertising space (20-30 min) will be available
BlazeTV, Discovery Channel, HGTV, Food Network
Revenue share on volume of new lines of merchandise sold from Channel
Based on volume increase in # of units sold
Data mining as revenue stream
Retargeting to increase revenues and actual sale of data
Macy's & Kmart with Martha Stewart
Greater customer engagement and brand loyalty
Reach customers everywhere
Forfront of IPTV frontier - market leader
Larger market share/greater revenues
New lines of revenue (merchandise, advertising)
Greater retargeting and upselling from data
Shop Kate Young Now - TargetTV
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