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Mount Everest: The First Climb

No description

Caimen MacAskill

on 5 May 2016

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Transcript of Mount Everest: The First Climb

The First Attemt Year 1921-1938
Back fired Year: 1951-1952
When around 15,000ft on mount Everest when Emdund was leading his crew through the cold weather and harsh climates one of the four hikers got terribly sick from altitude sickness do to low oxygen in his oxygen tanks the hole crew had to head back down the 2 miles to their camp to help their friend. he got so sick that soon he started to cough and puke out blood, soon he was so weak that he could not even walk and Edmund had to carry him and sense they had to carry him the appeation moved vary slowly and had to stop and set up camps for many night on vary un safe parts of the mountain. on October 31 1952 the team was about half way down the mountain when a snow storm came through with the team still on an unsafe area of the mountain. the wind was so hard that it cased the larg amonts of the unstable snow to blow off the sides of the montain the crew headed for a near by cave for shelter until the storm blew over, as hard as it was to carry his now dying freind throw the stom on his cing back Emdund refused to let his frind die and still carried him to the cave for shelter but a huge gust of wind hit the side of the moutauin cause huge a huge aavelach that fell and hit Emdund causing him to drop his friend off the side of the mountain and to his death. His body was found 2 years later after the climb was compleat and was barred at the bottem of Mount everest
Top Of The World
After years of planning, months of hiking and climbing, dozens of snow storms, days of cold weather, regretting,declining, and one death the japaneses hiking and c liming crew of 1953 finally reached the summit of mount Everest! gathering what strange they could they let out screams of joy and tears of happiness as they stood at the top of the world in relief. The news quickly speed around the world filling people every ware with amazement and chills as the three people stood high above everyone else while planting a japiness flag into the mountain.
The New climbers Zealander Edmund Hillar and Nepalese Tenzing Norgay
The Start of The New Climb Year-1950
Mount Everest: The First Climb
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