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Copy of Ethical and Social Perspective of Entrepreneurship at Global

No description

Kanz Ima'an

on 12 January 2015

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Transcript of Copy of Ethical and Social Perspective of Entrepreneurship at Global

Children Inspire Design
Social Enterprise Framework
• Cross-Compensation
• Fee for Service
• Employment and skills training
• Market Intermediary
• Market Connector
• Independent Support
Shiv Rajendran the Founder & CEO
an idea to do something for India; sketched on paper in Jan 2013
incorporated cutting edge technology from electric cars
designed to power classroom equipment in developing world
1/5th the weight and up to 10 times cheaper than Conventional battery
online community of computer workers
hired from underemployed communities
Trained to do 1 computer-related thing well; results in highly micro-specialized, combine dozens of them to complete a product
finish the project faster, cheaper, and with a higher quality standard
workers enjoy employment with higher wages than they would normally receive doing menial work.
Rebecca Peragine ; desire to inspire children to celebrate eco-consciousness and the beauty of different world cultures
"global responsibility through Art at a young age, carrying that responsibility into the future will be second nature for our children"
wall art, wall cards, maps, posters for children
help children learn compassion for earth
committed to deliver sustained growth through empowering people to act responsibly and build trust
Business Guidelines:
• Care for their customers, their consumers and world
• Sell only products they are proud of
• Speak with truth
• Balance short term and long term risks and Benefits
• Respect others and Succeed together

quest to drive down costs very often leads to poor product quality, and puts end users at risk
earned dishonor for manufacturing hazardous toys
outsourced manufacturing to China to cut costs
with toxic lead paint; contained
180 times
the legal limit of lead content
dolls; poorly attached small magnets;
the intestines if swallowed
Ethical and Social Perspective of Entrepreneurship at Global Context
Market connector
platform to find groups of funders
lenders take a promise of something in the future in return for ‘donating’ a bit of money to the Social Entrepreneur’s project now
Support all types of organizations: for-profits, non-profits
unique feature of "tipping point" model; designed for social ventures; offers assurance
Textbooks For Change
partner with student groups/clubs
donate thousands of used textbooks to African/ undeserved universities annually in developing countries
profits are split between the student groups/clubs, program administration costs, support social programs in developing communities across Canada

“For every textbook donated, you positively impact students around the world. Book by Book” - Chris Janssen
“Together we can change the way products are made”
2010 project of Waag Society, Action Aid and Schrijf
includes 31 employees with 14 different nationalities, 10 languages
awareness; conflict minerals in electronics
provides fair wages to the workers
offers a fair and transparent price for the end consumer
100% independently financed (no donations or venture capital) to preserve their social values
58,512 Fairphones sold till yet
despite its global success, remains the target of a cruel public criticism
relationships with employees and other stakeholders
McDonald's Legislation
1972, Ray Korc; a rare donation of $250,000 to Nixon's reelection campaign; return got a favorable legislation
pay teenage employees 20 percent less than federal minimum wages
McLibel case; b/w 1986 and 1990; McDollars, McGreedy, McCancer, McMurder, McProfits, McGarbage
Mattel, Inc.
• On August 1, 2007 Mattel issued the largest toy recall.
• Two weeks later further recalls of 9.5 million more toys.
• 3rd recall was on September 4' 2007
• Risking the health of children
• Negative media coverage
• Frustrated customers
• Loss in net income from 2007 to 2008 due to
o Less supply = Less purchasing
o The cost of testing toys

• Ethics and compliance programs
• Reputation
• Leadership and innovation
• Governance
• Corporate citizenship and responsibility
• Culture of ethics

L’OREAL, Dell Inc., Intel Corporation, Google, Inc., Mattel, Inc., PepsiCo Inc., TATA Power / 145 Companies
Bad Business Ethics
Reputation is a company’s biggest asset
avoid engaging in shady business practices
reputations and credibility destroyed due to practices that are harmful and illegal
"Geeks will change the world!"

So what would happen if a bunch of geeks moved their families to a third world country and did a tech startup to fight poverty and change the world? - Mark Sears
Tom Dawkins
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