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Nursing Diagnosis

No description

Staci Roslansky

on 25 April 2014

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Transcript of Nursing Diagnosis

Nursing Diagnosis
Definition of Nursing Diagnosis
NANDA-1 nursing diagnosis
why are nursing diagnosis so important?
a nursing diagnosis is an important step in formulating an appropriate care plan
78 y.o. W/F admitted to ED with a medical diagnosis of viral pneumonia
she is dyspneic and is exhibiting shallow breathing
her pulse ox is reading 90% on 4L O2
she has a history of COPD

What is the primary ND?
North American Nursing Diagnosis Association
clinical judgement about an individual, family or community responses to actual and potential health problems or life processes. Nursing diagnoses provide the basis for selection of nursing interventions to achieve outcomes for which the nurse is accountable.
NANDA was founded in 1982

2002 they became NANDA International (reflects worldwide interest in field of nursing diagnosis terminology)

NANDA has approved over 200 nursing diagnoses
Their mission is to facilitate the development, refinement, dissemination and use of standardized nursing diagnostic terminology worldwide
Impaired gas exchange?
What is causing the low SpO2?
after a thorough assessment the nurse discovers the patient is breathing shallowly because she is in pain. she has neuralgia due to a recent case of shingles
Primary ND is pain
If the ND was linked to the medical diagnosis of viral pneumonia, the cause for shallow breathing is overlooked
ND linked to nursing assessment and critical thinking allows a care plan designed to address the primary cause of the shallow breathing optimizing the quality of care for this patient
(NANDA, 2009)
Clinical application
RNs should use ND daily to promote safe practice, direct interventions and enable effective communication
Black, P.B. (2014). Professional Nursing Concepts and Challenges. (7th ed). St. Louis, MO:

da Silva, V., de Oliveira Lopes, M., de Araujo, T., Ciol, M., & de Carvalho, E. (2009). Clinical
indicators of ineffective airway clearance in children with congenital heart disease.
Journal Of Clinical Nursing, 18(5), 729-736.

Overview. (2014, January 1). NANDA International. Retrieved April 12, 2014, from http:/

Yönt, G., Khorshid, L., & Eser, I. (2009). Examination of nursing diagnoses used by nursing
students and their opinions about nursing diagnoses. International Journal Of Nursing
Terminologies & Classifications, 20(4), 162-168. doi:10.1111/j.1744-618X.2009.01131.x
(NANDA International, 2014)
Ineffective airway clearance?
(NANDA International, 2014)
The precise establishment of nursing diagnoses has been found to be one of the factors that contribute to high quality care and cost reduction in healthcare institutions

(Silva, Lopes, Araujo, Ciol, and Carvalho 2009)
(NANDA Internation, 2009)
Nursing diagnoses also enable clear communication among team members providing care
human response to illness, injury or threat (Black, 2014)
precise establishment involves an accurate nursing assessment
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