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Deceptive Appeals

No description

Elmer Duron

on 18 August 2013

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Transcript of Deceptive Appeals

Deceptive Appeals
Incorrect Sampling
is when you give a certain wrong sample to what you really want to imply which may distract the receiver
Argumentum ad hominem
is an attempt to persuade someone of the value of a premise based on the characteristics of the person holding that premise
Begging the question
is a type of informal fallacy in which an implicit premise would directly entail the conclusion.

Is one in which there seems to be sufficient evidence offered to draw a conclusion, but the conclusion drawn far exceeds what the evidence supports.

Sweeping Generalization
Examples of Sweeping Generalization.
All the men I've ever fallen for were heartless pigs,
so all men must be heartless pigs.

Examples of Sweeping Generalization.
Everyone I know loves that TV show, so it must be popular all over the country.

Examples of Sweeping Generalization.
That plant is poisonous to animals, so it must be poisonous to humans, too.

Examples of Sweeping Generalization.
My first girlfriend cheated on me, therefore all girls are cheater.

Example of begging the question
Is God Exist?
Example of begging the question
Murder is morally wrong. Therefore, abortion is morally wrong.
Example of begging the question
Executions are moral because we must have a death penalty to discourage violent crime.
Either-or Fallacy
This insidious tactic has the appearance of forming a logical argument, but under closer scrutiny it becomes evident that there are more possibilities than the either/or choice that is presented.

Examples of either-or fallacy
Either you went to work today or stayed at home.

Examples of either-or fallacy
You have new shoe because either your father bought them at the store or someone gave them as a gift to you.

Examples of Argumentum ad hominem
Gentlemen, Don't believe in that man, because he's a burglar.
Example of Incorrect Sampling
There are two kids in front of you and want to be friends with you, one of them is good and the other one is bad, the good boy said "Hello mister I'm John and this is my friend Edward" "May we know your name?" You said " I'm..." then Edward distracted you and said " You know,you should talk a little more nicer like us".

Examples of Argumentum ad hominem
Examples of Argumentum ad hominem
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