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Informe fin de evento

Staff Grupo

on 18 July 2013

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Transcript of NEW HOLLAND - TRAINING CAMP 2013 v.1


Video Session Overview
1 - TTT Session
Spanish Customers, Ambassadors and Press visit
19th of June
A unique way of opening the event
Outstanding Production
Training Material
Two intense weeks for getting ready
Workshop delivered
High level of customization
Tractors: over 35 units available
Agricultural Units Available
Building excitement around the event
Go-Pro camera
Thoroughbred breed of horses
Corporate Social Responsabilty
Creating Jobs in the region and doing a sustainable event
A succesful event built on a relentless work
Organization Flow Chart
Over 50 people for making it happen
Good team work always pays off
Rafael Vilanueva
iPad winner
Show set-up TC and T6AC + Roll Baler
2 - UK Session
Jim Pamment
iPad winner
Show set-up TC and T6AC+Roll Belt; Dinner on the beach
3 - Importers Session
M. Mokhniuk
iPad winner
Show set-up TC and T6AC+Roll;
Dinner in winery Gonzales Byass in Jerez
(A-Tera LLC, Ukrain)
4 - Spain & Portugal Session
iPad winners
Show set-up TC and T6AC+Roll Belt;
Two Ipads were given
5 - France Session 1
M. Barbier
iPad winner
Show set-up T5EC+Roll Baler and
T6AC+Roll belt; Dinner on the Beach
6 - France Session 2
G. Besnier
iPad winner
Show set-up T5EC
+Roll Baler and T6AC+Roll belt
7 - Italy Session
A. Venturelli
iPad winner
Show set-up T6AC, T5EC, T4M and T4
(only tractors)
(Orma di Venturelli)
8 - Benelux & France Session
Show set-up TC and T6AC+Roll Belt; Special harvesting day for Bnlx; Contractors demo on Saturday 15th; Two Ipads were given; Dinner on the beach
J. Van de Zee
iPad winners
P. Varin
9 - Germany Session 1
P. Olaf
iPad winner
Show set-up TC and T6AC+Roll Belt;
Three nights stay
10 - Germany Session 2
J. Juergen
iPad winner
Show set-up TC and T6AC+Roll Belt;
Dinner on the beach; three nights stay
(Bruns Landmachine)
11 - Denmark & Benelux Session
Show set-up TC and T6AC+Roll Belt;
Two Ipads were given
M. Pagard
iPad winners
(Shroker Eftf)
S. Munsterman
(Munsterman Bv)
12 - Poland Session
Show set-up TC and T6AC+Roll Belt; Dedicated charter flight
R. Szwoch
iPad winner
All salesmen feedback
Combines: over 12 units available
Agricultural Units Available
Balers: 15 units available
Agricultural Units Available
Other equipment: over 20 pieces available
Agricultural Units Available
Specially for the Camp has been created in less than 3 months the following material:
Unanimous extraordinary results
STST fully up-to-date in all languages
unless for harvesting products for
French and Italian Market!
8 new
7 heavy updated
27 new
Over 9.000 new
184 new
2 key videos:
STST product sections
STST sections on existing product
competitive comparisons
pages of training material in 8 languages
videos in 8 languages
Ipad App use and Security Rules, voiced over in 8 languages
Rociero chorus
An emotional corner stone of the event
Getting prepare for delivering
Some practises to be improved
Increase number of Participants: Germany and Italy
Some key tractors units needs to be Full Optional
Sponsorship management: start earlier and be more ambitious
Selection and briefing trainees more in advanced
Better demo driver availability (internal/external people)
Photo shooting pictures: more quantity and earlier
Give visibility to the event: international press release: how? When?
Key best practises
Slogan and training architecture (Art, passion and Training)
Participant welcome package: water, guide, ice cream, Jerez wine and card in the room
Surprise effect: location, opening and closure shows, set-up
Tight collaboration with PMM&BMM and Markets on material creation
Tight collaboration with Markets during preparation/delivery
Key strategic suppliers: ARSCOLOR (Ipad App) and STAFF agency
In-situ audiovisual production unveiled at the end of each session
Ipad App training contents and on-line live contest
Permanent In-situ local dealer Backup
High level of workshop customization
A total equipment availability of over 82 pieces!
Of which 16 competitors units
P. Del Hierro
J. Penedo
Generating more than direct 200 jobs
Creation of new jobs
Over than 2100 meters of digital print
Recycling print
Using seasonal food
Implementing Sustainable
In the coffees breaks
Recycling Cutlery
Recycling bins
Waste Management
Catering Practices
Key participants numbers
A completely new workshop approach
A workshop done by more than half of the Camp session on Livestock tractors segment new Product and pricing positioning.

Ipad App gave an innovative and interactive touch to it thanks to a practical part made of targeted exercises customized by market.
Communication : 3G infrastructure reinforced; pretty intense day by day communication thanks to walky talkies, telephones in fleet and 3G USB keys
Fast reaction against unexpected things
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