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No description

diana frausto

on 8 October 2012

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Transcript of Tattooing

Tattooing: The word tattoo comes from Tahitian term Tatua means "to mark" Eagles: Face tatoos Cross tatoos Tribal Flower usually represent primitive history. Considered popular
in the USA , symbolize
power. As well as, patriotism, and
often feature the colors of the
USA flag. Fusion
religion (portrait) Tattooing slang
Terms: Flash designs printed or drawn by an artist for display. Getting inked Sleeve/half sleeve Tramp stamp Hacker/ scratcher Ink pusher gettinga tattoo a tattto artist, the one who "pushes" the ink into the skin an amateur or unskilled tattoo artist who causes more pain or swelling than necessary when the entire arm or just the arm from shoulder to elbow is covered with tattoos a tattoo on a woman's back, just below her arse-crack, because it is design for men to look at her arse. "You know youre getting a tattoo" "Kickin' it to third" Cadaver Yo-man somebody who comes in saying something like "Yo, man i got $20 what can i get?! somebody who never talks to the artist at all during the tattoo the person is being tattooed on the inner part which hurts very badly. the tatto artist sees that you are not going to scream so they increase the needle speed and fill in the desing faster. represt nature to remeber a
or to honor
a living
person. Originally considered counter-culture, but are now appreciated for their artistic merit even part are now a part of fashion.
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