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States of Matter Concept Attainment Lesson (Solid, Liquid Gas) Focus on Solid

An introduction to the States of Matter

Arielle Pouye

on 25 August 2014

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Transcript of States of Matter Concept Attainment Lesson (Solid, Liquid Gas) Focus on Solid

States of Matter
Irregularly Shaped
There are 3 types of Matter
What is matter?
Matter is anything that has mass and takes up space.
Everything in the world is made of matter
is usually something you can not see, but sometimes we can see it...like steam coming from a cooking pot
What is a Solid?
Solid or not?
Solid objects are measured in cubic units.
Solid or not?
Orange Slice?
what are these?
Are they a Solid? why?
Is this a solid?
Is this a Solid?
All photos and videos licensed for commercial use per Prezi photo search feature
Prezi made and presented by Arielle Pouye
Content Standard: Science 3.1e
What's the Difference?
What's the difference between the cup and the juice?
Is what's in the cup a solid?
What's the Difference?
Liquid does not have a shape. It must be contained in a cup, bottle, or receptacle in order to have a shape.
A solid is anything that holds a particular size and shape. The only way they can change their shape is by force
All matter takes up space. The amount of space that an object takes up, is called the object's
The liter(L) is the SI unit for volume.
Small amounts of liquid are measured in milliliters(mL).
Remember 1L=1,000mL
All liquid, from a drop of rain, a bottle of water, to the ocean, can be expressed in liters or milliliters
We use a graduated cylinder to measure a liquid's volume
The surface of a liquid in any container is curved.
The curve is called the
Cubic= "having three dimensions"
Meters and Centimeters are used to measure the volume
is used to measure the volume of irregularly shaped things
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