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Amanda Todd

No description

gena brown

on 30 October 2012

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Transcript of Amanda Todd

Amanda Todd By: Gena.B Contributions She is famous because she made a differences because she made everybody realized that people will kill them self because of cyber bulling. Childhood Amanda Todd was born april 5 1996. she did not get bullyed when she was younger because of that one littel thing she stared getting bullyed in high school. Facts She never got bullyed when she was younger. she was the most popular person in her class. she was funny and awesome. Important Events In Amanda Todds Life Events in Amanda Todds life was that she had some awesome birthday partys, and that she lived till she was 15. Hardship and Obstacles She got bullied at the age of 15.she got told to flash and other realy bad stuff and got called bad names. Death Amand Todd commited suicide because of cyber bulling. She die october 5th. Because she flashed. moms name : Carol todd
dads name Norm todd Conclusion I admire Amanda todd because she makes me feel like I am not the the only one that has got bullied. She makes people feel are not alone.
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