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Alex Moseley

on 7 September 2010

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Transcript of Tagginganna

Creating pedagogic models around #tagginganna searchable tags reader-commentaries & on e-texts Alex Moseley, Stuart Johnson, Mark Rawlinson,
Jennifer Jones UoL English Year 2
Various texts
[Digress-it] “...the new project [the tutor] helped create was very helpful. We were able to analyse specific pasages and it helped to prepare for our next seminar” "They are writing in their own voice - this is much better quality than the one they adopt in their formal essays. They know what they are talking about, real engagement." http://bit.ly/cgnHnx * * Madame Bovary - Flaubert Student Tutor wanted to finish the book before being able to comment

worked best when the amount of text was smallest

*but* lots of short paragraphs = discussion too fragmented

don’t want to commit to a comment which may later turn out to be false / look silly

directive questions needed to focus exercise: too wide Issues WikiOmeros
[Warwick Univ.] http://bit.ly/bHVIf9 What next? Contact us Case studies: tinyurl.com/tagginganna Stuart's blog: studentdevpt.com/tag/tagginganna/ Early 2011: open results, case studies, pedagogic models & technical reviews Autumn term: new pedagogic models, new cohort

Using WwaN and Digress-it

Exploring use in DL with PDF commenting DL Courses
[Univ. of Leicester] Wiki without a Name
[Birmingham City Univ.
RDUES] http://rdues.bcu.ac.uk/ UoL English Year 2
Various texts
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