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My Ansetors

No description

Manor Prep

on 1 May 2017

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Transcript of My Ansetors

Margret has done the alphabet and then she has done quite sweetly done all the family 's initials: D.M=Daniel Morris (1789-1840)
M.M=Mary Morris (1796-1865)
L.M=Lowry Morris (1816-1820)
C.M=Catherine Morris(1820-1842)
W.M=William Morris(1822-?)
L.M=Lowry Morris (1825-1826)
D.M=Daniel Morris (1826-1852). There were five more children Mary(1830-1866)Morris(1832-1905)Jane(1835-1913)Evan
The Picture
This is the hard part. So this piece of work was probably done in between 1826-1830. It's the work of Margret Morris who was born in the year 1818. She was the second daughter but lived the longest of the children of captain Daniel Morris of Portmadoc and the fist harbor master. Margret's mother was Mary nee Owen.
Meet The Family
On the 8th of April my dad went to the shed. But what he found in the shed was awesome. He found two pictures that his great great Aunt Margaret had embroidered. (Margaret is the name of my dead Naina , died in she died in 2013 Margret )
You might think this a time waster but I think it is important because think of the scenario .Your in the police office and you've told them the name of your parents but lots of people have the same name as them (this happens with your gran parents). You now need to now some of your other relations (like your great gran parents and if you think you can get away with aunts, uncles and cousins you can't I've thought of it. He he).
What you might think
Hope you can remember
My Ancestors

Cute Messages
Time for a Quiz!
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