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The History of Drums

No description

Noah Fortnum

on 1 November 2012

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Transcript of The History of Drums

African Drums In Some Parts Of Africa Today, Drums Are A Spoken Language And Are Used For Talking Over A Great Distance. The First African Drums Were Used As Communication. (Signals) Sri Lanka Drums Sri Lanka Drums Were Also Used As Communication, There History Dates Back 2500 Years Ago. The Japanese Used Drums To Keep Their Troops At A Marching Pace, And To Keep There Troops Motivated. The Snare Drum, Was Carried By An English soldier, It Was Suspended By a Trap On The Right Shoulder. This Is When The English Word "Drum" Came Into Play. The History Of Drums! African Drum The Snare Drum Sri Lanka Drum English Soldier Snare Drum Thank You For Watching! By: Noah Fortnum
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