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Tom Daley And His Olympic Journey

No description

Lucia Wickham

on 2 October 2012

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Transcript of Tom Daley And His Olympic Journey

And his olympic journey TOM DALEY His very first ambition was to compete in the
London 2012 olympics. He was lucky enough to
qualify for The Beijing
olympics in 2008.
He didn't win but being 14 and
qualifying was still an amazing achievement. His Ambition Next came London... Things did not go well in his first event for him and his partner Pete Waterfield. After one dive went horibbly wrong they ended up in 4th place losing their chance of a medal. Having lost his dad to a Brain Tumor it must have been devastating to receive a twitter message saying "You've let your dad down, you know that right." He decided to re-tweet the message so that every one of his many followers could see. The Twitter Offense The twitter offense may have discouraged Tom but he knew he had to pull it together if
he wanted to do well in his
individual event. He dived very well and made
it into the final. On his first dive of the final he was distracted by the crowd's flash photography.
It badly affected his dive. He then went and asked for a re dive, Which they allowed. The last chance of a medal The crowd was asked to not take photographs while he dived. He dived much better and got a good score. His next few dives were all very good. The tension was rising as he did his final dive. His final dive was brilliant and he scored 9, putting himself in 1st place. He was then pushed back into 2nd place by A U.S. diver and then into 3rd by a chinese diver. The final dive When the final dive was over Tom and the other GB divers started celebrating. They all jumped in the diving pool to celebrate the fact that he'd won a bronze medal! VICTORY! This picture
shows how out
of sync him and
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