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my first prezi

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Sarah Simmons

on 16 January 2012

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Transcript of my first prezi

Why Do We Teach Research? To teach students the
art of great questioning To encourage independent learning and contribuitons to a wider academic community To build a learning community
with a common bond

public benchmarks
celebrations We created a momentum of collaborative
learning and skill development What can we do with research? To teach essential skills To promote creative uses of information and ideas How do we know if we did it well? Create videos Debates Develop websites http://84468453.nhd.weebly.com/ ❒Students became experts in the process of constructing knowledge as well as their understanding their topic. ❒Students created something with their research that contributed to the whole learning community Live Performances Gallery walks How do we teach research? Identify the essential skills we need to teach Identify the standards we want to meet Create small projects and lessons
to teach the skill across
all disciplines Build opportunities for organic growth
vs a single vertical path Multigenre projects papers What roles do mentors in support this process? TOOLS RESOURCES
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