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Bounty Paper Towels VS. School Paper Towels

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Anthony vu

on 14 October 2014

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Transcript of Bounty Paper Towels VS. School Paper Towels

Are Bounty paper towels stronger than school paper towels?
Background Research
If we wet the Bounty paper towels and place gram masses on it, then the Bounty paper towel will hold more gram masses than the school paper towels, because Bounty paper towels are thicker and is the number 1 paper towel brand.

Bounty Paper Towels
School Paper Towels
Gram Masses
Graduated Cylinder
Helper (so they can hold the paper towel for you when your doing the experiment)
Step 1. Tear or cut equal pieces from the Bounty paper towel. Your three sheets of paper towels must be exactly the same size. (Note: because all perforated sheets of paper towels are not equal, be sure to measure each sheet. Trim off excess if necessary.)

Step 2. Ask a group member to hold the Bounty paper towel at each of the four corners over a sink.

Step 3. Pour 15 mL of water onto the middle of the paper towel.

Step 4. One by one, carefully place the gram masses onto the wet area of the paper towel. Do this until the paper towel breaks.

Step 5. Record how many gram masses when the paper tore.

Step. 6 Repeat these steps 1-5 with school paper towels.
The one variable we are testing is the paper towels. Our constant is the amount of water we used which was 15 mL of water. The independent variable is the paper towel and the dependent variable is the amount of gram masses we used.
Bounty Paper Towels VS. School Paper Towels
Bounty paper towels are one of the most famous brands in the world. This brand of paper towels is known for its efficient cleaning power. They are thick and absorbent and holds between 64 to 72 sheets of towels, depending on the diameter of the roll. I have found that Bounty's paper towels had more scrubbing strength than anything else available. They're also very absorbent, and the smaller individual sheets let you use less.
School paper towels barely absorb any water and is weaker than most paper towel brands.

Trial 1
Trial 2
Trial 3
Quantitative Data:
Paper Towel Photos
Qualitative Data:
School paper towels are thinner than Bounty paper towels.
They are plain and aren't decorated.
Our hypothesis was if we wet the Bounty paper towels and place gram masses on it, then the Bounty paper towel will hold more gram masses than the school paper towels because Bounty paper towels are thicker and is the number 1 paper towel brand. Our hypothesis was right, because the bounty paper towel can hold an average of 833 grams, while the school paper towels had a average of 450 grams. We learned that Bounty paper towels are way stronger than the school paper towels. The Bounty paper towels are stronger because it is thicker and can absorb more water. A consumer would be interested in our results because our experiment showed that Bounty paper towels are better to buy than school paper towels. Some possible errors in my experiment is that we might have used a little bit more than 15 milliliters of water. What I learned from background research is that Bounty is the best brand of paper towels and I highly recommend people to get Bounty instead of any other paper towel brand. If I did this experiment again, I would change the masses to pennies because I think the masses were to heavy because it made the paper towels break with only 7-9 masses.
The reason for this is to have have more accurate measurements. Since we go by masses its an entire gram, but if you go by pennies its way smaller than that,so the measurements would be more accurate. For example, lets say I use gram masses and I get 6 grams, but if we use pennies I got 6.3 grams instead. That's more accurate than gram masses.

School Paper Towels
The color of the Bounty paper towel is white and had green patterns on it.
The Bounty paper towel is thick and soft.
Bounty Paper Towels
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