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Canadian Tire - Start To Christmas

Charette Presentation

Vernija Ravindran

on 31 October 2013

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Transcript of Canadian Tire - Start To Christmas

Campaign Objectives
Target Audience
Brand Positioning Goals
Campaign Originality
Campaign Creativity Level
Media Choices
Campaign Results
Campaign Effectiveness
Canadian Tire
From Start to
Increase retail sales and grow basket size

Connect with customers on a more emotional level

Focus on unique gifts available
Ensure to help consumers from “Start to Christmas”

Focus on holiday and Canadian culture
Vs. Walmart who promotes all seasons

Not only B2C but also C2B and C2C

Two-step process
1. Connect with consumers on emotional level
2. Dive into hard product sell component

Gift generator tool

Accessed broad range of media

Innovative tips
From Canadian Tire & individuals

Tips are both fun & functional
Includes instructional, inspirational, and sharable

Concept Clarity
Integrated same message across all media platforms

Connected with customers on an emotional level
Increase in Revenue & Basket Size
Was thoroughly there from Start to Christmas
Canadian Tire had made Retail Revenue up to approximately $2,901,000 in their fourth quarter of the 2012 year.
Retail Increase:
sporting goods
industrial apparel
outdoor recreation
light automotive parts
Revenue Increase:
Industrial clothing
strong convenience sales
Increased shipments in categories such as:
Living & Fixing
Expand brand awareness and target market reach

Anticipate consumer behaviour throughout holiday season

Age demographic of 35-54
Everyday Canadian with moderate level of disposable income

Family Oriented
Specifically Mom & Dad

Picture Retrieved from: http://www.ottawavalleymoms.com/2012/12/share-your-ugly-christmas-tree-be-entered-to-win-a-200-canadian-tire-gift-card/
Become a credible brand for the Christmas and Winter season.

Differentiate from big brand retailers
The Bay, BestBuy, Rona, Walmart

A Presentation by :
Jackyln Choong, Jenny Luo, Caitlin MacFayden, Yasir Nomani, Michelle Park, Vernija Ravindran, and Nikita Vaya
Today we will be talking about...

- Campaign Objectives
- Target Audience
- Positioning Goals
Campaign Stratgey
Campaign Execution
- Originalty
- Creativity
- Concept
- Media Choices
Demonstrated Results
- Campaign Effectiveness
- Results
- Integrated Media Platforms
In Conclusion...
Successful customer engagement throughout integrated media platforms

Increased awareness for potential future Christmas campaigns

Success in alignment with Canadian culture

Binudin, M. (2012). Social campaign - "From Start to Christmas" Turning branded ocntent into purchase intent - Canadian Tire. Retrieved October 27, 2013, from http://marabinudin.com/work.php

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Harris, R. (2012, November 14). CANADIAN TIRE MIXES EMOTION AND HUMOUR FOR CHRISTMAS. Retrieved October 27, 2012, from MARKETING: Advertising, Media and PR in Canada: http://www.marketingmag.ca/uncategorized/canadian-tire-mixes-emotion-and-humour-for-christmas-65819
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