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Christmas in Madagascar

No description

Maria Caballero

on 4 December 2013

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Transcript of Christmas in Madagascar

Christmas in Madagascar and Canada (COMPARISON)
Where is Madagascar located on a map?
Madagascar is an island located in the western Indian Ocean and sits near the east coast of Southern Africa.
Canada is located on the northern part of North America. Canada has 3 neighboring countries, including the U.S.A. It also borders both the Atlantic ocean and the Pacific ocean.
Where is Canada located on a map?
Où est situé Madagascar sur une carte?
Où est situé le Canada sur une carte?
What are some traditions we have in Canada for Christmas?
Quels sont les traditions que nous avons au Canada pour Noël?
Well, since Canada is a multicultural country it is hard to say what its traditions are. Most people who celebrate Christmas in Canada are either Canadian, French, or Christian. They often celebrate Christmas by putting a tree in the living room,decorating it then putting presents under them and opening them on Christmas morning with family and/or friends and eat some home made food.
What are Christmas traditions in Madagascar?
On what day does Canada Celebrate Christmas?
Quel jour Canada célébrer noël?
Canadians usually celebrate Christmas on the morning of December 25th, where they open presents and what not.
What day does Madagascar celebrate Christmas?
Quel jour ne Madagascar célébrer Noël sur?
The people of Madagascar celebrate Christmas in the summer months.
(Strange, right?)
Most people go to Church on Christmas Eve in Madagascar. The services start about 5.00pm and lasts until after midnight! Different groups in the Church, especially children, perform songs and plays celebrating the birth of Jesus. People also go to Church on Christmas Day as well. After the Christmas Eve or Christmas Day service, churches give out sweets or biscuits to the people in the Church.
Quels sont les traditions de Noël à Madagascar?
In Madagascar, the children call Santa......
'Dadabe Noely'
What type of food do people normally serve on Christmas in Canada?
Simple Canadians usually stay at home on Christmas day and make some home made roast turkey, pumpkin pie, eggnog, shortbread, some dressings and rice for their families.
What type of food do people normally serve on Christmas in Madagascar?
Quel type de nourriture que les gens servent normalement de Noël au Canada?
Quel type de nourriture que les gens servent normalement à Noël à Madagascar?
.....and instead of presents, he hands out hard candies.
Madagascan families like to eat Christmas dinner together in large groups and dress up in their best (or newest) clothes. The meal is normally Chicken or Pork with rice followed by a special cake. Some rich people go to restaurants for Christmas dinner, but most people stay at home with their families.
What is the weather during Christmas in both countries?
Quel est le temps pendant noël dans les deux pays?
In Canada, it's usually a bit windy and a bit rainy with grey clouds. While In Madagascar, during Christmas its usually dry but a bit chilly.
Here are some students in Madagascar performing a song......
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