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SAT Presentation

for 11th graders

Tai Tokeshi

on 24 February 2014

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Transcript of SAT Presentation

A presentation for Burton High School
students by Gear Up

Planning for the SAT
What is the SAT?
The SAT seems scary!
Juniors should take the SAT this year
Formally known as the Scholastic Aptitude Test, now an empty acronym.
Used in college admissions and intended to predict readiness for college. Does it? Sort of--there is a correlation between high HS GPA, good SAT scores and college success.
There is also a correlation between family income and higher SAT scores.
Don't stress too much. The SAT is only one part of your college application process.
These things are also important: Grades (C's or higher), extracurricular activities, contributing to your community.
Plan to take the SAT on March 8, May 3 or June 7.
Register at sat.collegeboard.org
Some info on the SAT.
It is 3 hours and 45 minutes long.
There are 3 sections of the SAT: Math, Critical Reading, and Writing
The highest possible score for each section is 800, and 500 is around average.
You earn a raw score which is converted to a scale score (out of 800).
A great SAT score does NOT make up for D's and F's.
A few tips and strategies
TIP #1: When to guess
GUESS whenever you can knock off at least one wrong answer. Example-
What is the capital of Australia (hint: 4 of these cities are in Australia and 1 is in California)?
A) Melbourne
B) Canberra
C) Sacramento
D) Sydney
E) Perth
Why? Because you get 1 pt for a correct answer, and -0.25 points for an incorrect answer. Mathematically, you will expect score greater than 0 if you can eliminate even 1 incorrect answer per question.
TIP #2: Timing
There are 3 sections which are 20-25 minutes long and have 16-20 questions per section in Critical Reading and Math.

You need to practice answering around
1 question per minute
. If you take 45 minute to do a practice section of 20 questions, it doesn't matter if you get them all correct-- you will probably not replicate this performance on the real test.
I'm ready for a sample question!
Because King Philip's desire to make Spain the dominant power in sixteenth-century Europe ran counter to Queen Elizabeth's insistence on autonomy for England, ------- was -------.

(A) reconciliation . . assured
(B) warfare . . avoidable
(C) ruination . . impossible
(D) conflict . . inevitable
(E) diplomacy . . simple
The correct answer is...
TIP #4: What is the question asking?
In Critical Reading, you need to look for key words that clue you into what the answer is. There will often be an answer which is CLOSE to, but not the correct answer.

In Math, it helps to draw or write out the formula or figures involved in a question. If you are confused, you can plug in the answer choices to the question since there are only 5 possibilities.

PRACTICE makes perfect because you will start to see certain types of questions over and over and improve your answer times and accuracy. The best way to get better at the SAT is by practicing whole, timed sections.
TIP #3: Difficulty of Questions
There are easy, medium, and hard questions. They are all worth the same: 1 point per correct answer. If you get stuck on a question,
move on
and go back to it if you have time.
What SAT Prep consists of
A lot of practice sections and review on the more difficult questions.
Essay practice.
Work on developing your confidence and setting goals so that you know what you need to do to get the score you want.
What do you need to do to get a 500? In Math, get a little over 1/2 of the answers correct. CR requires less because the questions tend to be answered correctly less often.
Math Practice!
A special lottery is to be held to select the student who will live in a deluxe room in a dormitory. There are 100 seniors, 150 juniors, and 200 sophomores who applied. Each senior's name is placed in the lottery 3 times; each junior's name, 2 times; and each sophomore's name, 1 time. What is the probability that a senior's name will be chosen?

(A) 1/8
(B) 2/9
(C) 100
(D) 3/8
(E) 1/2
The Answer
What You Need to Do
Sign up for an account at www.sat.collegeboard.org
Get a fee waiver next semester from myself or Ms. Chan-Evans (we have 50)
Register for May 4 or June 1!
There are practice questions available at www.sat.collegeboard.org/practice/sat-practice-questions
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