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Information Systems in Sales

No description

Ryan Pridgeon

on 3 December 2014

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Transcript of Information Systems in Sales

Information Systems in Sales
Role of Sales in A Company
Levels of Management
Data Disseminated
Information is used to create internal reports
Helps the company communicate effectively
Published to Smart Center and SAP
Typical reports published by a sales representative
Standard Operating Procedure
Customer preparation sheet
A study on a new market
Data is used to:
Create contracts for new customers
Order new inventory from existing customers
The purpose of this level is to monitor the operational level while still improving customer relations and sales with their client base.
This level generally works with larger clients and national accounts.
Additionally the middle managers make decisions such as what regions to focus on in sales and what the company needs to do to improve customer relations
Information Systems in Sales
Transaction Processing Systems
Management Information Systems
Decision Support Systems
Executive Systems
Customer Relationship Management
Emerging Technology
Salesforce is launching Analytics Cloud
Next billion dollar product
Designed for mobile use
Analyze every aspect of your business
Real time data
Ryan Pridgeon
Stephen Joyce
Jacob Krugler
Ben Linnabary
Selena Salazar

Acquire new business
Keep customers up to date on products
Maintain a positive customer relationship
Extend contracts with current customers
Work as a consultant between the business and customers
This level sticks to the basics of the sales
The operational level collects customer information for the use of the company.
The purpose of this level is focusing on positive customer relationships and selling product
A decision for this level is typically as simple as deciding what customers to focus on and how to handle questions about products.
The purpose of the executive level is to make all the company wide sales decisions
The executive sales officer works with the largest and most important clients
This level sets the standard operating procedure for the other levels and keeps a tab on the database system.
Customer data
Customer meetings and calls
Purchase history
Sales forecast
Customer Relationships
Inventory tracking
Market trends in functional area
Different roles a sales representative plays in a company
Three levels of management and how each is important to the company
Information systems such as SAP and NetSuite
Data collected by information systems
How the data is used within a company
Emerging technologies
Cloud based storage
Access information whenever, wherever
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