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The Need and Role of Discipline in the Uniformed Public Serv

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Jack Craven

on 9 April 2014

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Transcript of The Need and Role of Discipline in the Uniformed Public Serv

Thank You
There are a few of consequences that could occur from a lack of discipline;
• Loss of life
• Formal Punishment
• Informal Punishment
• Injury
For example if the chief officer ordered someone to enter a house that is on fire to go save someone from a fire and with the lack of discipline from the fire fighter would disobey the chief officer and this could lead to one of the above.
This can be justified because it is the responsibility of the Fire and Rescue service to respond to any fires and save any body that may be in the building.

Consequences of Lack of Discipline
With rules and regulations it allows people to understand what is acceptable and what isn’t.
For example there is a rule about no public service worker is allowed to consume any amount of alcohol whilst on duty or before a shift.
This can be justified because if any public service worker was under the influence of alcohol, they aren’t in the correct mind set because alcohol affects different aspects of their physical and mental wellbeing. Also this can be justified because public services workers are there to protect the public and enforce the laws but if a police officer was to be drunk driving and pulled you over for the same offense this would contradict the police officer and he will not be able to justify why he pulled you over.

Rules and Regulations
Why Do We Need Discipline Within the Public Services
Without a disciplined public service, many things can occur:
• Corruption
• Murder
• Gang warfare
• Collapse of rules and regulations
For example if a police officer was on duty and he saw a crime take place or knew of illegal activity he would have to report it to his superiors however in a country without a disciplined public service he may not act correctly and become corrupt.
This can be justified because without a disciplined public service, the rules and regulations would not be enforced which means the crime rate will increase. However with a disciplined public service it means that crime rates can be kept low and people are safer and people are more likely to follow the rules.

Without a Discipline Public Service
We maintain order in society through rules and regulations that the uniformed public services enforce.
For example there are laws against murder, and all the uniformed public service enforce this law attempting to prevent any murders and find anyone who has committed murder.
This can be justified because if a paramedic was to murder somebody and the public saw this they would consider this to be acceptable behaviour and the public may start to begin to think it is acceptable to murder someone. When the public service find a murderer it allows the grieving family to have justice knowing that the person who committed the crime of murder is being punished.

Maintain Order in Society
The public services need to be the people that everybody looks up to especially children and to accomplish this the public service workers will need to have good discipline so that the children aspire to be like them.
The Role of Discipline Within the Public Services
The Need and Role of Discipline in the Uniformed Public Services
What Is Discipline?
The practice of training people to obey rules or a code of behaviour, using punishment to correct disobedience.
Discipline is needed within the public services because without it public service workers may not be able to achieve success because they have been hit by all the drawbacks of bad discipline. Discipline also means that you won't second guess yourself. Also it means that the workers can conduct themselves in a manner that is accepted by society. It also allows the workers in the public services to work towards goals without digressing from the task they have been allocated with.
Rewards and Punishments
Rewards and punishments can be used to persuade people into performing better and to a higher standard.
For example if someone in a training camp for the army doesn’t respond to a command given they are forced to do some physical punishment such as push ups and a very long run.
This is justified because the army officers are teaching the recruits to be disciplined and how they will need to behave to complete the course and tour the world fighting for their country. Also they will need to show discipline whilst they are wearing the uniform and to do this they need to respond correctly to commands because they are representing their country.

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