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Copy of BSBWOR203B

Work Effectively with others

Annie Mott

on 27 September 2013

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Transcript of Copy of BSBWOR203B

Types of teams
Advantages of teams
Communication in teams
Pg. 12-13

Section Three

Work Requirements:

Codes of conduct
Workplace policies and procedures
Work health and safety
Equal employment opportunity
Environmentally friendly operations

Pg. 8-11

Session Two

Position description

Employment arrangements

Key Performance Indicators

Pg. 4-5 workbook

Session One Continued


Group problem solving and decision making
Dos and Don’ts

Conflict Resolution Procedures

Pg. 18-19

Session Four continuation

Barriers to communication

Overcoming communication barriers

Pg. 17

Session Four Continuation

Dealing with problems:

Barriers to effective work
Cultural differences

Pg. 16

Session Four

Supporting teams
Improving the workgroup

Pg. 14-15

Session Three Continuation

Personal planning

Resource Constraints

Responding to feedback
Types of feedback

pg. 5-7

Session One Continued

Understanding your role:
Common relationships (pg. 3 workbook)

Organisational structure
Organisational chart (pg.3 workbook)

Complete activity one (pg. 4 work book)

Session One

No matter which business or industry you are in,
it is important for you to be able to work with other people. Almost all business will require employees to work cooperatively to achieve their business goals.

Many businesses will organise employees into teams

Understanding your role

Common work requirements


Dealing with problems

Topics in this Unit

Work Effectively with Others


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