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UNit 2 Review US History

No description

Amber Westendorf

on 14 December 2017

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Transcript of UNit 2 Review US History

Multiple Choice Test
Matching Test on Finals
1. Brooklyn Bridge
2. Eerie Canal
3. The Jungle
4.Andrew Carnegie
5. Rockefeller
6.Vertical Consolidation/Integration
7. Monopoly
8. Social Darwinism
9. Horizontal Integration
10.Imigration up to the 1920s
11. Nativism
12. Tenements
13. Progressive Movement
14. Muckracker
15. Prohibition
16. Gospel of Wealth
17. Sherman Antitrust Act

Unit 3 Review
1. Main cause of industrial growth
2. Brooklyn Bridge symbolization
3. Reason for increased interest in labor unions
4. American Federation of Labor
5. Consequences of large supply of workers
6. Yellow dog contracts
7. Reason government became involved in business-labor relations
8. Reasons factory workers stayed on their jobs despite harsh working conditions
9. Women jobs in the industrial age
10. Reason for population shifts between 1860 – 1900
11. African American reason for migrating west from the South
12. What Jacob Riss’s How the Other Half Lives expose
13. Reason for Chinese immigration laws
14. What nationality was the focus of most immigration laws in late 1800s
15. Where most immigrants came from in the late 1800s
16. Reason for immigrants denied entry to the U.S.
17. Nativists
18. Social Darwinism
19. Group that wanted to restrict immigration
20. Immigrants and political machines
21. How political machines gained power-immigrants
22. Vertical consolidation (integration)
23. Interstate Commerce Act
24. Why immigrants experienced discrimination
25. Andrew Carnegie’s philosophy of the rich
26. Law that allowed government control of businesses
27. Groups purpose was to improve living conditions of the poor
P. 51
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