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Jazz and the American Identity

No description

Alex Watton

on 5 October 2013

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Transcript of Jazz and the American Identity

Melting Pot
Being born and raised in America, some of the beliefs got passed down to jazz music. As jazz became more popular, other races and cultures started to notice and put their own spin on the new style and then the jazz culture just embraced it and lead to the amount of different types we hear today .
Highs And Lows
Like any true representative of the American spirit, there have been tough times for jazz and times that it flourished, as well as different eras that developed throughout time.
The Beginnings
The development of jazz music was no more than musicians in an oppressed culture who took what they already knew and made it work the way they wanted to.
What does jazz have anything to do with the American Identity?
Some of the parallels you can draw between Jazz and the United States of America are astounding. From the early days of development, all the way to being a diverse mix of cultures, jazz music is one of the best metaphors for explaining America.

Jazz and the American Identity
Project by: Alex Watton

Some people judge success by how well something or an event by how well it is remembered.

Jazz music is not only remembered, but is still a big part of the American culture. Jazz music is still taught to our children who grow up to pass it down to their children, and with ever changing people continuously adding their little mark, it has a rich history that will continue to grow with it.
Sound Familiar?
The United States of America had a very similar beginning once they gained their independence from Great Britain.
Similarity vs Identity
Jazz is very relevant and similar to America, but what does it have to do with our identity?
It's a Metaphor
For some people, America in itself doesn't make much sense. But when you tell it to them using something they understand and enjoy, they not only understand America but start to connect with it on levels they hadn't before.
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