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Mónica Fernández

on 20 March 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Stories of ourselves Author techniques The Hollow of
the Three Hills Saki (Hector Hugh Munro) Edith Wharton Author *Born in New York City in 1862.
*Died in France 1937.
*American novelist, short story writer and designer.
*Her novels were famous because of their vivid settings,
satiric wit, ironic style and moral seriousness.
*She didn't go to school -> educated by reading.
-Plitzer Price for the Novel
-American Academy of Arts
-Letters Gold Medal for Fiction *Born in 1870 - Southeast Asia.
*Died in 1916 - France.
*Raised by grandmother -> very strict home.
*Didn't have a happy childhood.
*Lived in the Edwardian society (very strict).
*Stories- Set in Edwardian society. Nathaniel Hawthorne * 1804-1864.
*Puritans .
*American novelist.
*"The Scarlet Letter" was published in 1850. The Moving Finger Sredni Vashatar The Lady in the
Looking-Glass: A reflexion Virginia Woolf *British writer
*January 25th, 1882-March 28th, 1941.
*Mother's job was related to beauty-"stream-of-consciousness" style.
*Committed suicide in a river.
*Had nervous breakdowns- produced by death of mother and half-sister. Father died (hard life).
The Prison Bernard Malamud
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