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I'm Me Multimodal Remediation



on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of I'm Me Multimodal Remediation

Double click anywhere & add an idea I'm in the Hood “I’m not man I just don’t want to have to take you to the hoop and embarrass you.”
These kids looked like the offspring of Shaq and Yao Ming. They stated their terms of rules in the game which was about to go down I have never ran faster, or been as scared, as I have in that moment.

After we escaped from that possible death situation; I said,
“Man what the hell" I asked you up front and you lied to me. I should have known better but I’m trying to be a friend. You are always putting us in these situations. You are lucky I was here. I’m always saving your ass. I’m finished man; " What the FUCK were you thinking?” The things you do for friends. “Hey bro lets court it up. We need an extra, you down?” “Man I don’t feel like it right now.” I replied. “Why you got to be a bitch about it? He asked. You embarass me, ya that will be the day! But... You ain't playin me Well who we playin? These chumps from the Colony My friend quickly replied...
Come on man, ya know me betta than that I muttered under my breath
“Ya that’s what I’m afraid of.”
Boom Boom, Rattle I arrive at the meet and give a fist bump saying what up to my bro.
where they at? These two black kids step out of the busted up shit car and aproach the court Holy Shit!!! talk about some gang banging thugs ghetto as fuck! oh!... and tall as shit standard half court till 21 My friend took it out. After being blocked out by Sasquatch I finally shook him. My boy hooked the ball over the head of the skyscraper and... Ally Oop!!! It was like the final moment in White Men Can’t Jump. My friend say thats game bitch now pay up$$$ I looked at him with disgust pissed off one kid started throwin' hands and the other kid ran to his car I didn't know the the fuck was goin down, i just knew that we had to get the hell out!!! I tackled the kid that jumped my friend and... saw that the other kid was comin back with some heat I grabbed my friend and we bolt Well after a few exchanges of the ball it was game point our advantage. Since my boy and I were on foreign turf we got ball.
I took the rock, got my game on, and was about to show how the white boy does it. “Hey man you ain’t putting money on this game are you?”
bang bang bang
sprayin' bullets whiz by! Typical... a stereo that sounds like shit and probably cost more than the shitty car itself I get a call from my boy saying
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