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Antony's Funeral Speech

No description

Lauren Mathis

on 29 February 2016

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Transcript of Antony's Funeral Speech

Antony's Funeral Speech
By Lauren Mathis
Pathos Example 1
Pathos Example 2
Logos Example 1
Logos Example 2
Ethos Example 1
Effective Diction
Repetition Example 2
Repetition Example 1
Antony's Purpose in Giving His Speech
The Success of Antony's Speech on His Intended Outcome
Antony's Knowledge and Understanding of His Audience
"He was my friend, faithful and just to me."
Ethos Example 2
Antony was showing his loyalty for Caesar and telling that he was close to Caesar. He was trying to make the crowd feel the same way.
"How dearly Caesar loved him!" (Brutus)
Antony is pointing out again that one of Caesar's closest friends, Brutus, betrayed him. This looks bad for Brutus. This is another attempt at turning the crowd against Brutus.
"But here is a parchment with the seal of Caesar; I found it in his closet, tis his will.Let but the commons hear this testament-"
He is using logos by using Caesar's will against the people.
"I thrice presented him a knightly crown, which he did thrice refuse. Was this ambition?"
He is questioning the ambitions of Caesar.
"Bear with me. My heart is in the coffin with Caesar, and I must pause till it come back to me."
Antony is showing great sorrow for his friend Caesar and is trying turn the crowd listening against Brutus and the other conspirators.
"You all did love him, once, not without cause; What cause withholds you them to mourn for him?"
Brutus was trying to get the crowd to see the benefit of Caesar dead, but Antony is trying to have the crowd mourn for Caesar's death. This makes him look like a good leader.
"Brutus is an honorable man."
Antony talks several times about the ambitions of Caesar. He does this to stir up the crowd.
Antony repeats this so that suspicions arise about Brutus and get the crowd against Brutus and the conspirators.
Antony uses the words "ambitious", and "honorable" as effective diction.
He uses these words to persuade the crowd against Brutus and the conspirators.
"Brutus is an honorable man."
He is contradicting what he is saying in this sentence. "Brutus" and "honorable man."
"Brutus is an honorable man."
He is being sarcastic by saying this because he does not really mean it and is just hinting in a loud way that Brutus is part of the conspirators.
His purpose was to turn the people of Rome against Brutus and the conspirators.
Brutus began his speech with "Romans, countrymen, and lovers!" but Antony started his speech with "Friends, Romans, countrymen" each in the order of importance to them. Antony, with the beginning of his speech, was already trying to win over the crowd.
Antony was successful in his speech. The people of Rome liked Antony more than Brutus and were ready to burn down the houses of Brutus and the other conspirators.
Antony's goal of his speech was to turn the citizens of Rome against Brutus and the other conspirators and he was successful in doing so with words of persuasion.
Antony is allowed to give a speech among the citizens of Rome, but only after Brutus' speech because of Antony's friendship with Caesar.
oh wait.
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