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No description

Laura Vehanen

on 29 November 2015

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Transcript of Macklemore

Drug addiction
The Language of my World
- Puplished in 2005 and the first album of Macklemore
- contains 20 Songs
- approaches the politics and criticises our society
- main subject is racism
- vulgar and perverse lyrics
- unique tunes
His career
He got 3 MTV music awards
-> In 2013 in the category Best Hip-Hop video for his song Can't Hold Us
-> in the category Best Cinematography again for Can't Hold Us
-> in the category Best Video with a Social Message for Same Love

In addition he got 4 Grammy awards
-> In 2014 in the category Best New Artist
-> in the category Best Rap Perfomance for Thrift Shop
-> in the category Best Rap Album for The Heist

Ryan Lewis
-born March 25, 1988 in Washington
-University of Washington
-in 2006-> professional photographer and videographer
-worked for Macklemore in a photoshooting
-2008-> release of his EP (Extended Play)
-duo Macklemore&Ryan Lewis
-First singles:" My Oh My", "Wings", "Can't Hold Us"
-Oktober 2012: debut studio album "The Heist"
-working on new album since 2013
-foundation 30/30-> supporting people with HIV
-mother Julie Lewis-> AIDS since 30 years
Drug relapse
- He revealed his drug relapse in the american "Complex" magazine
- The reasons were lack of sleep, daily shows, pressure from the media and no privacy
- He fighted the entire summer of 2014 in order to stop again
- When he heard that his fiancée Tricia was pregnant, he realized he has to stop
- He is clean now for more than year
-The young years
-Drug addiction
-Drug relapse
-Ryan Lewis
-His albums
- Macklemore's real name is Ben Haggerty
- Born on 19th June 1983
- grew up in musical family
- visited Garfield High School
- changed to Nathan Hale High School because of bad marks and friends
- studied at Evergreen State College
- worked on a music program at a juvenile detention center
- wants to become a famous rapper

The young years of Macklemore
Relationship with Tricia Davis
- January 2013 got engaged to Tricia Davis
- Announce via twitter that they expect a child
- puplish "Growing up(Sloane's Song)"
- Macklemore marries Tricia Davis
The Heist
-latest and most successful album
-release October 9th, 2012
-number 2 on the US Billboard 200 chart
-over 1,378,000 copies selled in US
-"Thrift Shop"->most successful song
-800,000,000 views on YouTube
-Drug using between 14 and 30 years old
-Alcohol, Marihuana, Purple Drank and others
-Drug withdrawal
-Losing a friend
VS. Ep. Redux
The unplanned mixtape
-released in 2009
-opening track: The Town
-different song types
-remake of the album "VS. Ep."
-released in 2010
-about drug using and social critic
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