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Claudia Blanco Prego

on 13 December 2012

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Transcript of Autralia

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli AUSTRALIA Australia is located in Oceania.It is one of the
largest counties on .The Earth..
Although it is rich in natural
resources and has a lot of fertile land,
more than one-third of Australia is desert. Climate Area , population and density The actual population of Australia passes the 21 million inhabitants.
Most of the population lives in big cities.
The density in 2,7 inhabitants per square kilometer and only 3 % of the surface is found more than 90 % of the popultion lives in villages and in big cities.
The 97% of the Australian territory isn’t populated . Main Cities The most important cities are :
-Canberra (the capital of Australia)
-Sydney Monuments The most important monument of Brisbane is a boat starnded in the coast. Introduction Australia has a temperature climate most of the year, but this can vary due to the size of the continent.
Most Australian farms are located in the southeast , where the climate is most comfortable. There are dense rainforest is the northeast. Sydney is the most populated city in Australia.One of the important monument in Sydney is; the Sydney Opera Melboure is the capital of Victoria
it has many monuments
like for example , Arts Centre : The most striking and readily recognisable feature of Canberra is Parliament House.
Parliament House replaced Old Parliament House, and was officially opened on 9th May 1988 by Queen Elizabeth II.
Canberra is the capital of Autralia.
Most visitors to Canberra come here to see the pollies go head-to-head at Parliament House, to browse the superb collection at the National Gallery of Australia, or to expand their minds at the many museums and science centres. Canberra Sports The two more popular sports in Australia are Surf and the amateur Fishing, hockey, cricket, netball, rugby addition cycling, rowing and swimming. The impression you may have is that the whole Australian population is already born knowing how to speak the two words, Fish & Surfboard.

Some of the most important sportsman
are Mark Webber (F1), MEDIA Television: DANCE ACADEMY
31 May 2010 to present
Channel: Disney Channel
Radio: Fitzy and Wippa FM
Channel: 96.9 Music World: Cody Simpson
(in English) Currency Food The typical Australian food is the meatloaf: There are also the
Cabanossi that
they are a type
sausage or salami. There is also fish and chips. MENU: 1st plate:
-Spring rolls
2nd plate:
-Chiken nuggets
-Apple pie
-Bloody Mary FLORA Macrozamia Moorei: One of the oldest trees in the world, the same age
of the dinosaurs Silver daises: Curiosities I -In Australia the population growth
0.98% every year. -The name Australia comes from the Latin Australis which means "of the South" Legends of "Terra Australis Incognita" an "unknown land of the south" date back to Roman times.
-Australia has one of the lowest population
densities in the world with an average
of three people per square kilometre. -Australia is the biggest island and the smallest continent. Curiosities II Funny
photos -Australia has the most venomous snakes
in the world
- Ian James Thron is one of the most important Australian swimmers in the world, he won 4 gold medals, 4 silver medals and 1 bronze medal. Australian flag In 1901, the Commonwealth of Australia was formed. Until this time, Australia used Britain's flag
This shows that Australia is part of the British Commonwealth There are more than 1500
species of spiders -More than 100 million sheep -The most dangerous jellyfish in the world is the Australian coast -The are more or less 40 million kangaroos The encirclement of the Dingo or close of the dog is a fence of the exclusion of pests to be built in Australia Animals The fauna of Australia consists of 83% of mammals, 89% of reptiles, 90% of fish and insects and 93% of amphibians.There are two species kolas: the Southern Koalas and the Northern Koalas.
Southern koalas are larger than Northern koalas, they are only active for about 2 hours of the day. Koalas feed on eucalyptis leaves INVENTORS David Warren He invented the flight data recorder and cockpit voice recorder Jim Fraizer
He invented the camera and the Frazier lens. This coin was started to use the 14 February 1966, The wild flowers, including daisies
eternal, transforming arid
grasslands and savanna
Australia Australian Dolar
is the official
currency By: Sandra Moon, Sandra Cookie, Belén Hervás, Claudia White, Elena Well Bibliography Wikipedia

Australia for kids

Kids national geography Info please Fact monster Languages Restroom : bathroom , baño
Ace! :excellent! , excelente!
Arvo : afternoon , tarde
Daks : trousers
Sheila : woman , mujer
Spewin' : very angry , muy enfadado
Sunnies : sunglasses , gafas
Prezzy : present , regalo
Roo : kangaroo , canguro
Moolah : money , dinero
Snag : sausage , salchicha
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