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Copy of Welcome to Art!

Introduction to Art I, II & III

Sonia Garcia

on 12 August 2015

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Transcript of Copy of Welcome to Art!

Trust yourself. You know more than you think you know.
"Conception cannot precede execution"
-Maurice Merleau-Ponty
Welcome to Art
Class Motto
About Ms. Garcia
Originally from Laguna Niguel CA. Graduated from CSU Long Beach with a BA in Art Education and Chicano/Latino Studies. Lived in LB and the OC teaching in art academies.
Moved to the Bay to complete my MA in Transformative Arts. Taught in San Leandro and Oakland before coming to Overfelt.
Painting, Drawing, Reading, Dancing, Swimming, movies, traveling,
Studying, playing games etc.
ART Supplies
Students should:

Respect their peers, the instructor and the materials used in class.
Practice Creativity and Use your Imagination
Be dedicated to completing their art projects in a timely manner.
Participate in creating a positive learning environment.

No talking when the teacher is giving instruction
Follow instructions the first time they are given
Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself
No put downs, insults or profanity (+2)
Exhibited work in San Francisco
and Berkeley
The W.C. Overfelt's Visual Arts Program is to use the Art-Making process to develop Creative and Critical Thinkers and to Build the Growth and Resilience students need to succeed in this class and in the future.

Quality instruction will develop a passion for learning, fostered through an introduction to the visual arts that is standards and transformative arts based.

Major Art Projects

daily sketchbook activities,
critiques, art history pages etc.

Participation/work ethic

Final Portfolio/Quizzes
If a student is absent it
is their responsibility to
find out what they missed,

Tardys will be penalized
Identify elements of art and principles of design.
make informed art observations and judgments.
Learn How
to be
Develop art
Art Shows!
Art CLUB and
After school hours
START- Sat school
CA VPA Standards
Students will use a Sketchbook almost everyday. We will use this to complete classwork and homework. It is also used to sketch ideas.

Students must bring pencils and erasures.
All materials provided are shared by the class, if the student would like to use their own special materials they are welcome to.

If you would like to donate art materials, art resources (books, magazines), or general supplies (paper towels, Kleenex, containers etc.) I will be happy to accept them to make up participation.
Art 1
Create art using 2D and 3D media.
Lessons covered in class introduce students to art history, art criticism, art institutions and focus on student art projects. Projects cover design, painting, drawing, and sculpture.
Teaches the foundational skills needed to explore art and continue its study in more advanced classes

Art Kits are for sale and include your own
materials needed continually through the class

Creating Projects
Art Terminology
Art Critique
Art History and Culture
Careers and other Subjects
painting, acrylic, sculpture, pencil,markers, etc.
Clean ups and grade reduction (10pts)
Art 2/ Drawing and Painting:
Continues the study and exploration of art
Focuses on advanced techniques and media

AP Studio Art
Apply for AP college credit
Develop a portfolio of art for personal advancement
or a career in the arts.
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