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Public Insight on public worker benefit cuts

About two dozen sources in MPR's Public Insight Network gave their knowledge on cutting public pensions.

Michael Caputo

on 17 March 2011

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Transcript of Public Insight on public worker benefit cuts

Q: Is raising taxes on Minnesotans an alternative to cutting public worker benefits? Yes... Q: Should public employees have to kick in more for pension benefits when the state runs a deficit? "(P)eople who do work in the private sector would understand that we who work in the public sector do so at a cost."
Keli Moffit, Lino Lakes, works for Hennepin County “We need innovation in government to keep costs down."
Al Anderson, Burnsville, manager of a service company who used to work in public sector "(N)o tax increase will lead to a "Have - Have Not" break between regions of the State. "
Charles Hansen, Waterville, state employee for 28 years. "(I)t were coupled with a decrease in the share when the state runs a surplus. "
Matt Hyle, Winona, teaches at Winona State University. Asked you..... Should state lawmakers cut public worker benefits? About two dozen of you answered ... here's a sample... Sure, if... Only, if... Yes... "Pension contributions that end up being unsustainable, for whatever reason, clearly have to be addressed. "
Brian Reilly, Hastings, works at a non-profit (not public sector) No... "That would only make sense if there is a corresponding extra kick from the state when there is not deficit."
Marikay Litzau, St.Paul, state employee working on special education compliance Only if... "(We) get rid of the ridiculous work rules in place, and make it less difficult to get rid of bad employees."
Brian Lueth, manages a credit union in Arden Hills (not a public worker) No, instead... So what's your insight?
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