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On The Value of Fantasies

Poem by Elizabeth Brewster

Leo McGuire

on 28 November 2012

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Transcript of On The Value of Fantasies

By Elizabeth Brewster On the Value of Fantasies Where have you experienced fantasy Conclusion Our dreams / goals
Technology On the Value of Fantasies -53 years old
-Past university teacher
-Not married
Poet's context -Choice of what dreams you will follow

-Deciding how you will work to find happiness

-Telling you to follow your own dreams no matter what your parents and friends say. Poem's relevancy - Fantasy allows advancement
-If follow other people's instructions you won't find happiness

Will you follow others or strive to be different Where do you see yourself in 20 years?

How do you see your childhood TV programs affecting your future decisions? Do you think it affects you now The teacher on the morning radio program
disapproves because her girl students
have such unrealistic fantasies.
They all think they will go to college,
marry a lawyer or a professor,
have two kids and two cars,
and live happily ever after.

And she gets them to play a game
in which Linda becomes a widow at fifty,
Paulette is deserted at thirty five
and has to bring up four kids
on a steno's salary, and poor Jennifer
never maries at all.
How will they cope?

Of course it's a matter of
one fantasy against another;
and sometimes it's fun
to imagine oneself bearing up against adversity.

Myself, though, I agree with the kids
that it's rather a stupid game.
It''s true, life is full of these dirty tricks,
but being prepared for the worst may make it happen.

(More might be said
for fantasizing about space
travel or maybe about being a mermaid.)

I still hope (two months before my fifty-third birthday) that I might yet meet that handsome stranger
all the fortunetellers have told me about;
that sometime my lottery ticket
will win a tax-free fortune,
and that my poems become household words
and make the next edition of Colombo's Quotations.

I might as well believe in heaven, too,
for all the good it will do me to admit
statistics are against it. Analysis verse 1 -teacher, unexpected to destroy their dreams
-Dream of perfect future:Education, Money-Love, Family, Material things Analysis verse 2 -Teacher opposes all aspects of their fantasies
-focuses on loneliness Analysis verse 3 -Return to reality

-Using fantasy to prepare oneself
Analysis verse 4 -Negative view of fantasy
-Life is difficult and full of failure
-"Myself" we find the authors view Analysis verse 5 -unrealistic fantasy without use
-view on how the media may have confused you Analysis verse 6 -authors dreams withering
-Colombo's quotations famous canadian poets Analysis verse 7 -reality simply said

-opposition to fantasy
Personal reaction -captivating and accurate
-provides a realistic point
-provokes thought
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