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Basinger - classical conditioning

pavlov and his pups

Matt Basinger

on 18 February 2016

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Transcript of Basinger - classical conditioning

*may contain dog spit.
Ja, Das ist Gut!
Neutral Stimulus
Unconditioned Stimulus
Unconditioned Response
Conditioned Stimulus
Conditioned Response
Stimulus that has nothing to do with natural response
Pavlov's Experiment:
College Dorm Experiment:
A stimulus that results in a predictable response that is NOT learned
Pavlov's Experiment:
College Dorm Experiment:
A response to a stimulus that is automatic and unlearned
Pavlov's Experiment:
College Dorm Experiment:
Once a neutral stimulus that leads to a response when it has been paired with a unconditioned stimulus
Pavlov's Experiment:
College Dorm Experiment:
The learned reaction to a conditioned stimulus
Pavlov's Experiment:
College Dorm Experiment:
A: Easy button
A: Shot with air soft gun
A: flinch at getting hit
A: Easy button
A: flinch at the easy button
Spontaneous Recovery
Taste Aversion
Responding to similar stimuli in the same way
Ability to respond differently to similar stimuli
The disappearance of a CR when the CS is presented without the UCS.
If a rest period follows extinction and the CS is presented the CR will reappear even in the absence of the UCS.
When a person gets sick and then blames it on the food they ate before they got sick.
The mere sight or smell of the food will make you sick to your stomach.
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