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Green Marketing used by Dell

Bryan Jones

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Dell

Quick Info. Rated by Newsweek as the number 2 environmental company of America's top 500 largest companies
HQ uses 100% renewable energy
Became carbon neutral in 2008 Dell's Plant-a-Tree Program Beginning in 2007, Dell has planted 258,000 trees. They hope
to have half a million planted by 2012. By planting these trees,
carbon dioxide emissions will be absorbed. Planting a forest of
776 acres is the equivalent to taking 47,000 cars off the roads.
Currently, trees are being planted all around the United States and
Central America, but Dell hopes to expand further as time goes on. Creating Awareness Dell.com features a large link to get information for their
Plant-a-Tree Program. They work together with The
Conservation Fund and Carbonfund.org. Greenwashing Dell has been accused of greenwashing by not actually reducing their carbon emissions. Critics say that Dell uses their Plant-a-Tree Program to absorb their carbon emissions. The products themselves are not actually carbon neutral. DELL Bryan Jones and Max Dorflinger Kraft Originally campaigned that their cereals are made from all natural
ingredients. This was soon proven false, as their corn was engineered
in a lab.
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