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Prezi for Educators and Students

by Jessica P'Simer and Corie Goulding for EDMT 602 virtual showcase

Jessica P'Simer

on 13 February 2017

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Transcript of Prezi for Educators and Students

5. Experiment far away, too
Why Prezi is great for teachers
It's engaging!
What Makes Prezi better than other presentation tools?
What is Prezi?
It can be used easily and effectively
Students can work together to share ideas on a topic.
Prezi can enhance education at all levels
High School
Higher Education
It's collaborative
Up to 10 people can be working on the same prezi at the same time, allowing for collaboration and teamwork.
It's easy to use
It's all based online in the cloud.
You can easily import pictures, videos, pdf files, and other multimedia into your prezi to enhance your presentation. You can even import your old PowerPoint presentations.
No more losing unsaved work when computers crash.
You can access your prezis anywhere
Prezi can be used on ANY device without compatibility issues!
Prezi allows teachers to draw attention to important points in a creative and memorable way so students understand...
Can be used with an Interactive White Board!
It is perfect for graphic organizers
It enhances their 21st century skills
It can be used for simple assessments.
There are tons of built in graphic organizer layouts
Mammals vs. Reptiles
warm blooded
cold blooded
have scales
living things
have fur
have scaley skin
cold blooded
warm blooded
breathe air
Albert Einstein
Einstein is born
Einstein marries Mileva Maric
He was born in Ulm, Germany, and moved to Muinch in 1880 where he grows up.
Include practice problems in prezis for students so they can quickly practice, click a button, and check their work.
You can use built in shapes and themes to add to the presentation
You can quickly add videos and pictures to enhance your point, and make learning more meaningful for students!
By embedding videos into a prezi, the ads and recommended videos are removed, leaving only the desired content.
It's a great way to share youtube videos with students.
It enables students at all levels to create a great end product to show what they know.
Middle School
Lower Elementary
*Add pictures to make a life cycle of a butterfly
*Make a Venn Diagram to compare animals
*Show the parts of a story
Upper Elementary
Alternative to a book report.
Use instead of PowerPoint for presentations
Make a historical timeline
Books can become the ultimate "Big Book"
The Big Picture
Web based so students can go back and replay lectures
Presenting highly graphical concepts
Eastern Michigan University
for Educators and Students
A great way to teach non-linear math
Create portfolios for students work
free accounts for students and teachers.
Reading and writing workshop
Create High School Applications
Teach Poetry
10 Quick Tips for Prezi
1. work in 1024x768 resolution
2. Shift drag frames
3. Learn and use keyboard shortcuts
You can use your gmail to make up to 20 student accounts by adding +addtext before the @ symbol in your email address. That way, students can use prezi, but don't have to have an email account of their own!
4. Think in frames instead of main points
6. Use a move reference
8. Include presenter tips
9. Use text
10. Create a path at the very end

Starting address: teacheraccount@gmail.com

Student accounts:
Corie Goulding
Jessica P'Simer
EDMT 602
Prezi is an interactive
collaborative presentation tool
that is based in the cloud.
by both teachers and students.
Why Prezi is great for students
5. Don't just zoom in
7. Layering
REMINDER: Remember to explain that presenter tips are reminders about what you're going to talk about during the presentation. They stay out of the main focus, but are helpful when presenting.
As frames for your presentation
Basically, zoom in and out with a purpose in mind. Don't just zoom all over the place, as it will distract from your point.
The path is the order that you want your text and pictures to show up during the presentation. Work on the path throughout, but finalize it at the very end.
Ask A question
Conduct an Experiment
Collect Data
The Scientific Method
Form a hypothesis
Thanks for watching our prezi-tation!
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