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Let's Introduce Myself

No description

Stanislava Petrova

on 5 January 2014

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Transcript of Let's Introduce Myself

Student at Technical University of Sofia, Bulgaria.
Bachelor degree at Industrial Management.
Maser degree at Electronic Management.
Master Project at Data Mining field - University of Aveiro, Portugal.
My Interests
My FavouriteSports
Hello, Everybody! My name is Stanislava. Nice to meet all of You!
Technical University of Sofia is the place, where I graduated my Bachelor and Master Degree.
University of Aveiro, Portugal
This photo is from University of Aveiro, where I was a student for one semester. I did my Master Project there at Electronic and Telecommunication Department in the field of Data Mining.

I love Reading!
Travelling is the best education, next to the book!
Meeting with people from all over the wold!
I am like a Dancing Queen, when I am on the scene!:)) ... Believe me - that is true!:))
When I have free time, of course, I like to share it with my friends!
I can't live without Music!
Ice-skatingggg.... it's amazing sport,
just try it and You will love it!:)
Tennis-table is one of the other sports which I like to play with my friends!:)
Volleyball ....playing it since a child!
I Would Like to introduce

Here are some of
my favourite sports!
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