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A2 Eng LitB3 Gothic Texts

No description

serena hammond

on 26 November 2013

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Transcript of A2 Eng LitB3 Gothic Texts

A2 Eng LitB3 Gothic Texts
Angela Carter: The Tiger's Bride

The Gothic Setting
Key Gothic Themes Present
The rejected, outcast 'monster'.
Hidden identity (masks)
Transgressions (between what is human and not human, between socially accepted 'decency' and personal desires...)
The hidden beast within all of us
Loss of innocence
Not having control over your own fate
The supernatural
"Everything flowers; no harsh wind stirs the voluptuous air. The sun spills fruit for you. And the deathly, sensual lethargy of the sweet South infects the starved brain."
"The candles dropped hot acrid gouts of wax..."
"The chill damp of this place creeps into the stones..."
"...a melancholy, introspective region; a sunless featureless landscape, the sullen river sweating fog..."
"...a cruel city; the sombre piazza, a place uniquely suited to public executions, under the beetling shadow of the malign barn church..."
"A funeral hush about the place..."
"a wide flat dish of snow where the mutilated stumps of the willows flourished their ciliate heads athwart frozen ditches;
The Female Gothic
Some good resources:

Link to the audiobook (part 1):
Her father gambles her away, views her as no more than property: "My father said he loved me yet he staked his daughter on a hand of cards." He valued her "at no more than a king's ransom." He calls her his "pearl beyond price" which whilst gives her a lot of value still objectifies her as something owned.
Foreshadowing the 'harsh wind (trouble) to come
Voluptuous: curvaceous/ sexually attractive, foreshadowing what is to come
Sense of danger, a false sense of security, luring them
psychological influences, madness, suggests poor choices will be made
Typical Gothic feature: poor lighting, casts shadows, eerie feeling
unpleasant feeling, sense of foreboding
hot: burning, the sense that someone will get hurt
acrid: pungent, unpleasant, feeling something isn't right
Link to the disease suggests something unwholesome, painful, unhealthy.
The beast too sees her as a possession - this is symbolized by the clockwork replica of herself he has. He also sees her as a sex object, as seen through his request "to see the pretty young lady unclothed nude without her dress."
We further see her powerlessness through the valet's constant repetition that she is a "woman of honour", bound to stay there due to her father's actions
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