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5.08 Colligative Properties

No description

madison payne

on 24 February 2014

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Transcript of 5.08 Colligative Properties

Antifreeze is a mixture that adjusts the boiling point in your cars radiator. It decreases the freezing point of water so that the radiator does not freeze up. It also does the opposite when the temperature rises to prevent the radiator from boiling over.
Antifreeze is the real-world example of a colligative property. After finding many articles on antifreeze, I decided to research more into the subject.
Antifreeze does many other things other than control the water in your radiator. Antifreeze prevents foaming by stabilizing the viscosity yet it does not cause any damage in the process of multi-tasking in these important jobs.
The stopping of the water to prevent damage to the engine using rust inhibitors is another important job done by the antifreeze in a car. This is a big deal causing you not to have to continuously replace engine parts.
In conclusion, the antifreeze in a car changes the temperature preventing overheating and freezing. This action prevents many things from going wrong and many parts needing to be replaces regularly, like your engine.
5.08 Colligative Properties
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