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Drooling Chocolatitis

Help Raise Awareness!

Naya Hofer

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Drooling Chocolatitis

Drooling Chocolatitis A disease A rare disease that is dangerous and stuff What is Drooling Chocolatitis? Instead of saliva, your salival glands will produce a certain kind of cheap and uninviting chocolate. Symptoms Well, when the victim is an infant in their mother's stomach, the mother will have eaten quite a bit of chocolate, chocolate milk or other things containing chocolate. Then when the baby is born it has drooling chocolatitis. How the Hell does this Happen? You can't. But you may be able to spare your offspring. Do not overload on chocolate during pregnancy. How can I prevent this fatal disease? You can help cure drooling chocolatitis.
Visit my house or call 1-234-567-8910 to donate Dr. Mario Panini is a doctor who specializes in rare diseases such as this one or younginitis, he currently lives in downtown Toronto (originally from Italy). His work is well know, and unquestioned Dr. Panini
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