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Timeline of Bram Stoker's Dracula

No description

Riley Warfel

on 10 November 2016

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Transcript of Timeline of Bram Stoker's Dracula

May 1897
Timeline of Bram Stoker's Dracula
The Substitution
When Real Estate businessman, Mr. Peter Hawins, falls sick with gout, he must send one of his men, Jonathan Harker, as a substitute for his business expedition to visit one of his promising customers.
Journey to Castle Dracula
First week of May, 1897
The Arrival
Upon his arrival, Jonathan waits nervously outside Castle Dracula until finally a tall old man who is Dracula comes to welcome him in. The Count provides him with dinner, but he did not eat.
Prisoner with No Mirrors
Jonathan explores the decor of the castle and notices there are no mirrors. He learns the reason why when the he unpacks his shaving glass and the Count comes up behind him but has no reflection. To add to his horror, Jonathan's exploration leads him to dircover that all the doors leading out of the castle are locked and he is a prisoner.
Mina Murray's 1st Letter
Getting Down to Business
12th of May
Lucy's 1st Letter
Lucy writes back to Mina, and within this letter she tells Mina of two men. One, a doctor, is said to have been "perfect" for Mina, had she not already been engaged. The other goes by the name of Mr. Arthur Holmwood, whom Lucy fancies very much.
Riley Warfel
May of 1897
Jonathan Harker takes his journey from his home in England to Trannsylvania where the Count dwells. This takes place over a few days and specific locations. One of which is a hotel in a small town with wary townspeople who constantly show religious symbolism towards Jonathan. Here, Dracula had left a message for Harker regarding the last stretch of his travels. Harker continues his trek which takes him through the Carpathian mountains, and he ends up in a carriage with a strange, silent man who has remarkable strength and what seems to be powers over the wild wolves that are terrifying to Jonathan. Mr. Harker is delivered to Castle Dracula
5th of May
8th of May
**to her cousin, Lucy Westenra
9th of May
Mina writes a correspondence to her cousin whom she has not talked to frequently. Her letter, in summary, tells of her recent works and the whereabouts and well-being of her husband, who is Mr. Jonathan Harker.
The Count and Jonathan begin to discuss business. Considering that Jonathan is in real estate, they discuss the property that the Count is interested in as well as other legal matters. Additionally, Dracula wants to learn from Jonathan the traits of the English while Jonathan is staying his welcome. Their communication is ordinary and goes as expected, but it is later that day that Jonathan spots the Count slithering up the side of the castle from where he was peering out of the window. This adds to Jonathan's wearyness and fear.
13th of May
15 & 16th of May
Tour de Vampire
After seeing, again, the Count scaling the walls of the castle, Jonathan takes the chance to explore the castle in depth, looking for answers. He comes upon a room that intrigues him, but sleep finds him, even though the Count had warned him never to rest in a room other than his own. Terribly so, Jonathan awakes, still in the room, but he is not alone. There are three young women in the room, and they have a look of hunger and seduction. Their evil intentions were stopped when Dracula bursts in, enraged, and puts a stop to the mysterious ladies. The next thing that Jonathan knows is that he reawakens in his own room of the castle.
May 18
Two days later, Jonathan returns to the mysterious room where the three woman had approached him. He returns during the daylight so that he may investigate, and he hopes to find answers that will rid him of his fears and confusions.
Dracula asks Jonathan to scribe three letters, predated, that the Count himself would send. The first letter was to say that his work was almost complete, and it would inform he would soon leave the castle. The second told that he would leave the next morning from the date of the letter, and the third was to tell of his departure of the castle and arrival of Bistritz. Jonathan is fearsome, The dates would be June 12th, June 19th, and June 29th but he decides to agree to everything for fear that
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