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The Pacific Ocean by monzerrath melissa r. melissa o.Evelyn lesley

No description

Mrs. Almazan

on 25 November 2014

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Transcript of The Pacific Ocean by monzerrath melissa r. melissa o.Evelyn lesley

The Pacific Ocean
climate/weather patterns
the water
Bottom of the ocean
The pacific ocean has over one million
under water volcanoes.
The pacific ocean is biggest
It is the biggest on the contenets
put all together.
The pacific ocean covers more
60 million
kilo meters.
The climate in the pacific ocean is the wormest in the equator.
Salt from soil washes into the water.
The salt makes the water salty
On the bottom of the
pacific ocean plants only grow in shollow water
Sea turtles ley there eggs on the pacific ocean.
In the pacific ocean oil spills kills animals
It is bigger then all the contenets.
Interesting facts
The pacific ocean is the depht ocean.
Trash left on beaches could be the death of animals.
Keeping The Pacific Ocean healthy
The Location Of The Pacific Ocean.
The pacific ocean is location between america's to the east of the pacific ocean.
the pacific ocean is the biggest ocean.
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